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The War Within : Internal threat Assessment in event of Two & half front conflict


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The War Within : Internal threat Assessment in event of Two & half front conflict

Around four years ago former Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat stated India is ready for a two and a half front war both at external & internal fronts. The Indian Airforce in response to Phulwama bomb attack which killed 40 Indian paramilitary forces, had crossed the de-facto border of Kashmir in 38 years, to bomb the training camp of Jaish-e-Mohammad group in Balakot on February 26 2019. The five decade truce between India & China ended last year on June 2020 when in violent clash around 20 Indian Army personnel were killed in fierce clash with insurgent Chinese troops whose 43 soldiers were killed in the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh. On the occasion of Army Day celebration held in January 2021 this year, Indian Army Chief Gen MM Naravane reiterated the threat of two and half front war still persist and the likelihood of military confrontation in Himalayas is likely to commence and escalate like last year. Pakistan has moved 20,000 additional soldiers to LOC to match Chinese deployments on the LAC in the east. China has deployed S-400 systems, long range ballistic missiles along the Ladakh border. In response to the build up, Indian Army has deployed T-90 tanks,155mm howitzers in Galwan Valley along with Special forces units trained in high altitude warfare have been deployed in the region. In addition to that Barak 8 missiles with Akash missile systems will deter the Chinese Air Force to carry out sorties in the Indian air space.

The immediate focus of Indian Army is on the half front which is often referred to subversive and disturbance caused in border areas Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Punjab, North Eastern States, West Bengal. The Leftist Extremist Ideology along with Islamist, Naxalites, North East seperatist pose internal threat to India’s sovereignity and security. These groups are actively assisted by India’s arch enemies China & Pakistan to attack security forces at the border and they are likely to get involved in guerilla type conventional warfare during possible combined attack by Pakistan in northern areas & China in the eastern sector. For long Pakistan has used social media as tool to incite youth to target security forces with stone pelting in the Kashmir valley.

The state of West Bengal has become hub of global Islamist groups with Al-Qaeda growing and spreading its tentacles to influence youth to carry out riots & terrorist attacks across India. The Leftist Communist & Islamist operatives from neighbouring Bangladesh have expanded their sphere of terror to border state of West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura & Mizoram. The ongoing infiltration from Bangladesh has changed the demographics in the border areas of Malda, Murshidabad & North Dimpaur. And incidence of targeted attack by Muslim mob on Hindus are rise in Malda. The rioters have attacked law enforcement agencies including the police station & Border Security Forces personnel. The Burdawan bomb blast in 2014 woke up security agencies from deep slumber. Apart from fifty million Bangladeshi Muslims around 40,000 Rohingya Muslims are living illegally in India. The undetected migration from international porus border has created demographic changes in Assam with the state detecting 2 million immigrants in the National registry drive earlier last year. The exercise led to massive protest across India with Muslim leader Sharjeel Imam calling Islamist to gather at Siliguri border in large numbers to agitate and cut off chicken’s neck corridor to isolate Assam & North East from India.

The Left Wing Extremist & Islamist are being supported by China & Pakistan Intelligence agency Inter Service Intelligence clandestinely. The Communist nation with its expansionary land grab intentions is building infrastructure in India’s neighborhood of Bhutan, Nepal & Bangladesh with eye to capture the 17 KM wide Silliguri corridor which is widely regarded as Gateway to North East of India. The corridor holds strategic importance for being nearest point to transport reinforcements & troops at border checkpost of Nathula pass in Sikkim close to India China border. The The North East of India is infested with seperatist groups like United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA), Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO) & National Democratic Front of Bodoland, who are actively assisted by China. The Indian government has improved connectivity by building underground rail link from Silliguri to Rangpo for maintaining border security, peace and stability in anticipating from threat assement from China. Air bases at Bagadora & Hasimara provide strategic operational capability to Indian Air Force Fighter Jets to neutralize threat from Chinese fighter aircrafts.

The Indian self declared liberal intelligentsia which propogates the hopeless campaign of “Aman Ki Asha” are front of “Urban Naxalism” designed to prop leaders who will organize mass protest holding city to ransom, espionage services regarding information of movement of military personal, weapons & infrastructure. The Break India forces sitting in upper echleons of society have constantly spread false narrative and lies. The violence at the JNU in January 2020 with pro seperatist slogans had laid the foundation of covert war initiated at the behest of George Soros who had committed to fund $ One Billion against the nationalist Hindu government of Narendra Modi. Meanwhile the Islamist used Women & Children and laid siege of Shaheen Bagh in the capital to protest against the parliament approved & passed Citizen Amendment Act & National Registry Council law. Similarly this year the Khalistani Sponsored Congress backed movement against the farm bills was held to create dissent among Sikhs against the Indian Government and it culminated to violence on the streets of the capital with hoisting of the Khalistan flag at Red fort. Similarly riots broke out in Bangalore were communally motivated against Hindus to know the response time for the majority community to defend themselves & to know the duration of time required by law enforcement agencies to act against rioters.

For long the Indian Film Industry had been front of underworld mafia to park their illict wealth and finance movies. And today Bollywood patronizes drug peddling and is being used for money laundering purposes to finance protest against the Indian Industry like Vedanta copper plant in Tamilnadu which produces around 40% of Copper in the country. The closure of plant due to environmental protest led to India becoming net importer of Copper, thereby benefitting China. Similarly few years back the protest against nuclear plant at Koodankulam by environmental activist in Tamilnadu was done at behest of motivated interest who were against commissioning of highest capacity generating nuclear power plant in India. Few days back popular Bollywood actress filed case against 5G trials in India for concerns over radiation impact after Chinese telecommunication company Huawei was denied permission to participate in the exercise. The Chinese have mastered the art of spreading disinformation and propaganda. Many popular media houses and editors are on the pay rolls of CCP. The editors carry on false narratives based propaganda in the name of journalism. Be it petitions against Central Vista Project or move to improve tourism in Lakshwadeep are met by strong protest by filing frivilous petition in the court of law.

Urban naxals had carried out motivated campaign to create atmosphere of fear & uncertainity during the second wave of Chinese Wuhan Virus. Earlier this year ‘Greta Thunberg’s toolkit’ scandal exposed global network of secessionists and anti-nationals are fuelling the farmer’s protest. The Indian National Congress was exposed when its Toolkit aimed to tarnish the image of the country and Prime Minister Narendra Modi by calling the new strain of coronavirus as”India strain” or the “Modi strain”. NDTV anchor & news reporter Barkha Dutt was exposed to carry on Vulture Journalism reporting the pyre of burning corpses. The Big Tech Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram were marking facts as manipulative media to restrict its news reach and false narratives were designed to have maximum impact in their ecosystem. A timely intervention by the Narendra Modi Government reigned the disproptionate powers of the Social media medium. The so called Lutyens Gang, Award Vapsi Gang, Tukde Tukde Gang are examples of deep entreched group of sleeper cells operating in our system and autocratic despotic countries are using democratic redressal mechanism to impair the growth in the Free World countries. And India is victim of carefully caliberated disruption in this global half front war.

It is matter of concern that many critics in India are working in tandem with foreign lobbies to put blame of Narendra Modi failure in containing the deadly second wave with the aim to diminish PM image home and abroad. The idea is to paint India as authoritarian state which discriminates against minorities in the International press. The independent constitutional body Election Commission of India is often accused by opposition party of working in tandem with ruling party, questioning the validity of electoral process & functioning of Electronic voting machines every time BJP gets mandate to rule. The success of vaccine diplomacy marked the rise of India’s soft power diplomacy, was crippled by Biden Administration when they refused to export vaccine raw materials to India. The aim was perhaps to overthrow nationalist government and install puppet at the helm who would be serving the interest of Global MNC. And in the time of crisis we need to understand devious plan and stand with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Umesh Kumar Agarwal Editorial Contributor, Columnist Trunicle, BharatVoice, USAPOLITICO, AltNewsMedia Involved with NGO providing subsidized medicare facilities to economically weaker sections, marginalized, Economically Weaker Sections of Society. Location : Chennai Tamilnadu India Covers : International Relations, Geopolitics, Politics, History, Heritage, A Entreperneur by Profession,Commerce Graduate by Qualification with experience in field of Information Technology Three Tier Architecture Technology, now pursuing keen interest in International Affairs, Geopolitics, International Finance, Economic Affairs with a passion to analyse the current affairs and document it across various publications including Trunicle. BharatVoice, Kreatley, usapolitico. I love to read, explore my boundaries of knowledge and expand them and share, exchange my views on various issues ranging on current affiairs, politics. I am interested in our history, heritage, culture and love to decrypt to bring the authentic facts. Also involved with many philantrophic organizations with organizational role in managing multispeciality day care diagnostic centre & cancer detection centre which impacts around 100,000+ people in Chennai. Involved as contributor in many social, philantrophic organization as well. Follow me on Email : ukagarwal@gmail.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ukagarwal Twitter : https://twitter.com/ukagarwal Linked In : https://www.linkedin.com/in/ukagarwal/ YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/@ukagarwal Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ukagarwal2k2/


  1. Very true news ànalysis written by Umesh Aggarwal ji. Always love to read his article bcoz of his wonderful analytical informative news story based on facts. Keep doing great works 👍. Thanks 🙏


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