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The Silence of Swastik – Biggest betrayal of 20th Century; A Shocking Eyeopener for every Hindu


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Hinduism is undoubtedly a religion that is mostly misunderstood or misconceived by others. We have seen numerous instances where Hindu religious texts and religious symbols have been twisted and concocted to serve a specific nefarious agenda.

Let’s talk about the pious symbol of Hinduism, the Swastik. It is one of the most recognized symbols of divinity and spirituality in the Hindu religion. Did you try to search Swastik on google? If not, then kindly do it once, and you will get the shock of your life.

Picture Credit – Google

As per Google, Swastik is an ancient symbol in the form of an equal-armed cross with each arm continued at a right angle, used as the emblem of the German Nazi party.

Whenever you think about the German Nazi Party, the most devastating name that comes to our mind is Hitler. He was a highly polarized politician and a diabolical character, who is infamous for his evil actions against the jews. Hitler used a symbol for his racial and political ideology, and under the very symbol, he committed all wrongdoings and killed millions of jews.

The western world today calls that symbol “Swastik”, an Indian name to a symbol used by Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains for ages. But was it a Swastik? or Something else?

If the symbol was Swastik What was hooked cross or Hakenkreuz? We must know under what circumstances, did the name Swastik get associated with Hitler and the Nazi party? Why did the west look at Swastik as a demonic symbol? Is it a conspiracy? Or in real Hitler was inspired by the Indian Swastik?

Fortunately, we have a documentary that explores all these questions and tells Swastik’s story with facts.

Source AKTK Documentary

The Silence of Swastik – Biggest betrayal of 20th Century

This is a brilliant piece of art that is written, researched, and directed by Garvit Bhardwaj and Anuj Bhardwaj under the banner of AKTK Documentary. It is a robust eye-opener that exposes the pseudo mindset of the western world that has tried to give a bad name to the sacred Hindu symbol/icon that comes from the Sanskrit word Sanskrit.

We know that everything has two aspects, good and bad. However, as far as Swastik is concerned, the ‘manufactured’ propaganda or misinformation or say lack of knowledge is never ‘bad’. It remains divine and auspicious no matter whether it’s the right-facing symbol or the left-facing symbol sauwastika.

This documentary explains in detail the significance and origin of this symbol while highlighting the West’s stigmatization of the symbol leading to misunderstandings and unwanted protest, also bringing forward the influence of Christianity in Adolf Hitler.

It exposes how the western world has twisted the facts as per their convenience. The Swastik never got its due and was not said to be originated from the Sanskrit word. The European world used various names like gammadion, fylfot, cross cramponnee, tetraskelion, or Hakenkreuz in Germany, in French – croix gammee, in Italian – croce uncinate, Wanzi in Chinese, and so on.

The documentary also underlines how Swastika generally is a form of a cross the + symbol used in Christianity with its arms of equal length perpendicular to the adjacent arms bent midway each at a right angle. Experts will agree that such a symbol is found in the archaeological remains of the Indus Valley civilization, Christian artwork, Samarra, and ancient Byzantine civilization.

So how can something auspicious that originated from the Holy Cross be auspicious till 1930 and later under Hitler’s regime turn into a symbol of Nazism, antisemitism?

Most importantly, you will never find the word ‘Swastik’ used by Hitler anywhere. The documentary also says talks about the allegation against Pope Pius XII for being ‘over cautious or even maintaining sort of a ‘silence’ during Hitler’s Holocaust on Jews in Germany, though supporters claim of aides being provided during that madness.

This documentary is an outcome of a great collective work or various respected people and other subject matter experts. People such as retired history professor Ashvini Agarwal, IAS officer Sanjay Dixit, anchors – Gaurav Bhardwaj, Ruchi Kaushik, Sambhav Sharma, Vinod Kumar, Former SU President – Rashmi Samant, religious scholars like Ach. Ankur Arya, social media influencers like Elvish Yadav, and international actress of German origin – Suzanne Bernert contributed to this democracy.

More such truths come out from this relevant documentary that needed to be spread among the Hindus. It won’t be good to further divulge more details, as it may spoil your interest. Watch this documentary for self-enlightenment if you are a true Hindu.


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