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The Lieutenant of Rahul Gandhi, who DUPES people and earn money in the name of RTI & PIL


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UPA government passed an important act, the Right to Information (RTI), which enables every Indian, so that they can get information from the Government and other institutions that come under the purview of this act.

There is another powerful tool, which is called PIL (Public Interest Litigation), which is used to take legal recourse in case of any subject that has public interest.

Well, these acts were passed with noble intentions to establish accountability to every department, to improve transparency in beaurocratic processes and governance. However, this article is not about RTI or PIL, this is about a Scamster who is close to the Gandhi Family, sort of Leitinent of Rahul Gandhi, who keeps on abusing the PM and the Government, but his full-time business is to dupe the people in the name of RTI and PIL and earn moolah.

We are talking about the infamous congress stooge and Pappu worshipper Saket Gokhale, who earn his living by making fool of the people in the name of RTI.

We will start it with a question, that how much it costs to file an RTI application?
The answer is, it takes only Rs. 10 to file an RTI. However hyper RTI activist Saket Gokhale is someone who survives on crowdfunding, and he made whooping Rs 76 Lac in a span of 17 months, just in the name of filing an RTI. If we take an average, then it’s Rs 4.4 Lakh per month, that too for doing nothing, isn’t this interesting?

In Aug-Oct 2019, Saket sought donation for filing a PIL against PM, where he collected Rs 5.7 Lakh. In Nov’19 kicked off another one for ‘fighting against BJP/RSS’.

Picture Credit -Saket Gokhale Twitter Account
Picture Credit -Sanket Gokhale Twitter Account

He again raised Rs. 22 Lakh in just 11 weeks, when anti-CAA propaganda was raging by the opposition. Since the donation link is broken, we are unable to fetch the exact amount he collected.

Last year in October, when the farmer protest was still in the initial stage, Saket Gokhale again started a fundraising campaign to file an RTI and PIL to take action against the Modi government. He collected whooping Rs. 48 Lakh in just 2 months.

Picture Credit -Ourdemocracy.in

Then he made up a story and claimed to move to another platform on 28th Dec’2020. He made an excuse for the payment gateway issue, and finally, his campaign ended on 26th January, when Farmers and Khalistani supporters attacked Lal Qila.

Since December 2020, he has been moved to Razorpay which is technically a digital payment gateway for business solutions. This appears to be a cunning move as it doesn’t display payments including overseas one, and he called it “battle for transparency” this time.

Picture Credit -Sanket Gokhale Twitter Account

Gokhale, who is a close confidante of Gandhi’s family, usually claims that he doesn’t only spend on RTI but pays for cases/legal/data investigation too on his own. He usually posts about his plans to expand his team, website development, and a lot of other stuff, but nothing much has ever happened.

Picture Credit -Sanket Gokhale Twitter Account

Saket Gokhale gets rattled when someone asks him about the statement of his funds and RoI of the investment he has received. Recently he was reprimanded by an AAP supporter and his donor Amit Behere, who fall for his promises and donated huge money to him, but nothing happened and no update was shared about the consumption of that fund.

Picture Credit – Amir Behere Twitter Account

Anyways, it’s none of anyone’s business if Saket’s Masters are happy and his investors are pouring money in the name of RTI and PILs.

But it raises serious doubts about the way he earns his living. If we talk about his occupation, then he keeps on ranting about PM Modi and BJP all day, addresses opposition leaders with their first name, shares fake news to generate sensationalism and intimidations, the politicization of every other thing, and hurl abuses and cuss words against anyone who asks questions to him about the funds he usurped. He gets 4.4 Lakh per month for doing this, wow.

He is a master of the shoot and scoots intimidation tactics, and he used this tactic to tease many known personalities. However, in a recent instance, he seems to be entrapped himself in such a case.

Saket messed up with Ex-United Nations officer Puri when he made some severe allegations of financial irregularities against her. Mrs. Puri sued him and he was rebutted brutally by the High court when the judge pronounced his observation and called that ‘any TomDickHarry can’t vilify a reputed officer like this’.

Picture Credit – Live Law

HC directs Gokhale to delete derogatory tweet against Puri. If he don’t, Twitter is instructed to do so. Meanwhile Gokhale struggling hard to put up a blend face of brave but victim, yet unable to hide humiliation on stunt which brutally backfired, much sooner than expected.

Picture Credit – Live Law

The Lawyer also quoted his “crowdfunding” tactics as his business model to earn living. But this time Saket seems to be feeling the heat of law, as Mrs. Puri slapped a defamation suit of ₹5 Crores, that will be followed post-execution of these orders.

At the rate of ₹4.4 Lakh per month from crowdfunding, it will take Saket Gokhale a complete 9 years 5 months to collect ₹5 Crores to make the payment against this defamation. We hope Rahul Baba will come to his rescue and donate some money to him so that this poor guy can survive.


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