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The Inglorious Death of Jalaluddin Akbar.


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Following the Battle of Haldighati 1576 AD & it’s stalemate, Rana Pratap foxing Man Singh & getting away, coupled with the six consecutive expedition s that failed to annihilate the Rana, relationship between Akbar & Man Singh was going down every day. Immediately after Haldighati Akbar refused to speak to Man Singh for 6 months or more. On the other hand Man Singh except his failure to nab Pratap grew stupendously & became one of the best Generals of Akbar. So much so Akbar started feeling insecure to his much famed General.

Akbar 03 Oct 1605 decided to.poison Man Singh, but fate had a different plan. The confection that was prepared was consumed by Akbar himself in his own snare while the other safe half was taken by Man Singh.

Although Abul Fazal & his contemporaries are silent on this part, but the fact remains the best of medicines failed to cure Akbar & he died on a mid night in the month of October 1605 AD. We can imagine that the last three weeks that he would have suffered would have been sheer agony & merciless pain for him.


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