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The Folly of Hamas


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It was a confrontation waiting to happen, in a conflict zone, the world would rather ignore. Israelis and Palestinians have once again goaded each other to the brink of war in the Holy Land. Hundreds of rockets, fired by Palestinian militants, have been aimed at Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and southern Israel.

Gaza, the Palestinian territory run by Hamas, a violent Islamist movement, has been hit even harder by the Israeli air strikes. Arabs citizens and Jewish citizens have clashed in the streets of Israeli cities. Dozens of people, most of them Palestinian, have been killed in the Gaza strip.

The worst fighting between Israelis and Palestinians in years has Jerusalem at its heart, as so often. In April, at the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Israel’s police chief fenced off the plaza around the Damascus Gate, one of the entrances to Jerusalem’s old walled city and a gathering spot for Palestinians, near the Aqsa Mosque. The move, made for “security reasons”, led to clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police. Hundreds were injured. Then the rockets started flying from the Hamas.

Iran, a constant Hamas supporter said it “stands behind the Palestrina struggle. ’Hamas is a terrorist organisation, not a charity outfit’. America’s negotiators must view them both as enemies – not socialites.

It’s a mistake to only think about Hezbollah and Hamas in their terrorist violence dimension. It has a charity organisation, a social branch … there’s so much misinformation about them. So said dear ladies and gentleman, the US special envoy for Iran, Rob Malley. This has been criticised and the fact that his position as US envoy wasn’t subject to a Senate hearing and confirmation process remains a major failing of the current system. Some say that it is also a social organisation but no charity or social organisation keeps rockets and missiles in their backyards.

World is now aware of all these strategies now. First disturb peace, fire rockets, and missiles and when counter attacked cry the victimhood. World over comrades and Muslims adopt this policy of victimhood. Some say Robert Malley’s father Simon Mally also liked terrorist. Simon’s support for Khomeini, Yasser Arafat and other terrorists and killers is well documented.

But from where Hamas gets funds? Hamas terror leader says the quiet part out very loud. Iran supplies it with money and weapons it uses to attack Israel. A Biden appeasement team is in Vienna giving Iran billions of dollar and a path to a nuclear weapon. This is sheer madness. This is sheer dangerous trend, which must be condemned.

Palestine once had only stones and slings to throw at the occupier’s tanks. Now they have rockets. The resistance is getting stronger.

The advances or stability in the middle east during the past administration were truncated by the Biden’s administration complacency towards Palestine and terrorism of Hamas, it is urgent to immediately return to the Abraham agreements so as not to lose what has been gained in the last four years.

Palestian terrorists are targeting millions of innocent Israelis including children with continued rocket attacks across Israel. From Tel Aviv to Beersheva, Jerusalem to Sderot, the nonstop rockets have let 5 people dead and many injured. Thousands of families are being forced to remain in their bomb shelters and safe rooms as rockets rain down. This is not normal. Why is the world silent? Israel has the right to defend. The situation is horrifying in Israel. Red alert sirens sounding again across southern Israel including Netivot, Be’eri, Zimrat and Shuva, Kfar Maimon and Tushia, Alumim and Shokeda.

UNSC has met 2 times in the last 24 hours and is likely to meet again. India’s stand is:

Condemn all acts of violence, especially rocket attacks from #Gaza;

Mourn tragic demise of Indian national in #Israel;

Immediate de-escalation need of the hour; and

Refrain from changing status quo.

Military intelligence headquarter of Hamas was destroyed by Israel Defence Force and major leadership has been extinguished. Hamas’ demonstration of its abilities in recent days, culminating in the massive rocket barrages into central Israel, forced the military to bolster its efforts in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday. Alongside the preparations for the next phase, the army has been striving to cast a positive light on everything that has happened so far.

Breaking news: Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu just made the following speech in front of the Knesset:

To Ismail Haniya, and the leaders and operatives of Hamas:

We, the people of Israel, owe you a huge debt of gratitude. You have succeeded where we have failed. Because never before, in the history of the modern State of Israel, has the Jewish people been so united, like one person with one heart. Everyone in Israel, from Left to Right, secular and religious, is united in the knowledge that there is no accommodating an enemy that is sworn to the genocide of our people.

And now, as you continue to launch deadly missiles indiscriminately, intended to maim and murder as many civilians as possible, while you take cowardly refuge behind your own civilians – you continue to inspire us to hold strongly onto our unity. Whatever disputes we Jews may have with each other, we now know that we have one common goal: we will defeat you.

But we are offering you now one last chance. Within 24 hours, all rocket fire – and I mean all rocket fire – will cease. Completely. Forever.

I give you formal notice that our tanks are massed at the Gaza border, with artillery and air support at the ready. We have already dropped leaflets over the northern parts of the Gaza strip, warning civilians of our impending arrival, and that they should evacuate southward, forthwith. If you fail to meet our ultimatum, we are coming in, and, with God’s help, this time we will not leave. Every centimeter of land that we conquer will be annexed to Israel, so that there will never be another attack launched at our civilians from there.

Even so, we will continue to keep the door open to allow you to surrender gracefully. The moment you announce that you are laying down arms, we will halt our advance, and there we will draw our new borders. If you continue to attack our citizens, we will continue to roll southwards, driving you out of territory that you will never again contaminate with your evil presence.

It pains me deeply that your civilians will be made homeless. But we did not choose this war; you did. And if our choice is between allowing our citizens to be targeted mercilessly by your genocidal savagery, versus turning your civilians into refugees, I regret that we must choose the latter. If only you loved your people as much as you hate ours, this war would never have happened.

To the rest of the world: Israel is tired of your ceaseless chidings that we should “show restraint”. When you have your entire population under constant missile fire from an implacable enemy whose stated goal is the murder of every man, woman and child in your land, then you may come and talk to us about “restraint”. Until then, we respectfully suggest that you keep your double standards to yourselves. This time, Hamas has gone too far, and we will do whatever we have to in order to protect our population.

Hamas, once again, I thank you for bringing our people together with such clarity of mind and unity of purpose. The people of Israel do not fear the long road ahead. Am Yisrael Chai.

Israel tanks are ready as US negotiators landed in Tel Aviv and France has warned its Muslims not to protest against Israel. Major world leaders has observed the right to defend itself. One need not be overly impressed with the confident, aggressive rhetoric. The truth is that almost everyone wants to end the conflict in the Gaza Strip. It appears that Hamas has had enough of this round of fighting after its first rocket attack on central Israel, if not after the attack on Jerusalem that preceded it. The image of victory Hamas portrayed in a giant poster featuring its leaders was hung by worshippers at the entrance to the al-Aqsa Mosque on Thursday. In the competition with the Palestinian Authority, East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount are already in Hamas’ hands. Any more fighting with Israel will only increase its losses. In a smart attack all the tunnels have been destroyed and made unusable.

May the peace prevail in the region.

Rajiv Saxena
Rajiv Saxena
Rajiv Prakash Saxena is a graduate of UBC, Vancouver, Canada. He is an authority on eCommerce, eProcurement, eSign, DSCs and Internet Security. He has been a Technology Bureaucrat and Thought leader in the Government. He has 8 books and few UN assignments. He wrote IT Policies of Colombia and has implemented projects in Jordan, Rwanda, Nepal and Mauritius. Rajiv writes, speaks, mentors on technology issues in Express Computers, ET, National frontier and TV debates. He worked and guided the following divisions: Computer Aided Design (CAD), UP: MP: Maharashtra and Haryana State Coordinator to setup NICNET in their respective Districts of the State, TradeNIC, wherein a CD containing list of 1,00,000 exporters was cut with a search engine and distributed to all Indian Embassies and High Commissions way back in the year 1997 (It was an initiative between NIC and MEA Trade Division headed by Ms. Sujatha Singh, IFS, India’s Ex Foreign Secretary), Law Commission, Ministry of Law & Justice, Department of Legal Affairs, Department of Justice, Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA), National Jail Project, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), National Commission for Minorities (NCM), National Data Centres (NDC), NIC National Infrastructure, Certifying Authority (CA) to issue Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs), eProcurement, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs (MPA), Lok Sabha and its Secretariat (LSS) and Rajya Sabha and its Secretariat (RSS) along with their subordinate and attached offices like Directorate of Estate (DoE), Land & Development Office (L&DO), National Building Construction Corporation (NBCC), Central Public Works Department (CPWD), National Capital Regional Planning Board (NCRPB), Housing & Urban Development Corporation (HUDO), National Building Organisation (NBO), Delhi Development Authority (DDA), BMPTC and many others.


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