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The concept of ‘Muslim Area’: A dangerous method to create ‘Islamic Ghettos’ in cities and Alienate Muslims


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The United Kingdom is witnessing a barrage of violent incidents against Hindus in the last couple of weeks. Post the India-Pakistan cricket match of the Asia cup, a chain of clashes erupted in various localities of the United Kingdom, which has now raised to some serious proportions.

If we go by the video clips circulated on social media, the veracity of which has not been denied by law enforcement authorities so far, a group of Muslims, some wearing masks, gathered outside a Hindu temple and vandalized it.

Some Hindu groups, too, have taken out protest rallies but without violence of any sort. The Indian High Commission in London has called upon the authorities to give protection to those affected and places of worship likely to be targeted.

It has been observed that Muslim mobs from nearby townships are pouring into tense areas, which is causing serious law and order problems and threatening peace and tranquillity in localities populated by Hindus and Muslims alike.

The Leicester city mayor and Police officials have expressed concerns over these incidents. “It’s mostly Muslim young men in their late teens and early 20s and I have heard suggestions people have come into the city from outside… It’s very worrying for people in the areas where this has happened,” said Leicester city mayor Sir Peter Soulsby.

However, what more shocking and surprising is that people especially from the media have started calling some designated areas a ‘Muslim Area‘, and they have started accusing the Hindus of encroaching into these areas, and accusing the Hindutva of breaking the so-called peace in these areas.

On one hand, they call the United Kingdom a multicultural society, where people from distinct group identities can live together and still can preserve their identity and religious values, on another hand they are trying to create clusters and form a ‘ghetto’ inside their cities and labeling them Muslim areas.

Look at this tweet, this lady who is allegedly a Hindu has tweeted, “Hindu Right Wing march in #Leicester, the UK a Muslim majority area shouting Jai Sri Ram! Violence broke out. Maybe come live in Uttar Pradesh if you’re so invested. Why sully a foreign country with your pointless hate.”

She is blaming Hindus for carrying out a march in a so-called Muslim area. The march was pretty much peaceful and people were not raising any religious slogans, still, these so-called secular liberals are accusing Hindus of provoking the so-called peaceful community in their so-called Muslim area.

A few months back similar attacks were orchestrated on the Ram Navami procession in various parts of India. All Hindus were doing was a peaceful procession with idols and they were attacked by Muslims when they were walking through a specific area, which is known as a Muslim area.

Picture Source – Twitter

The concept of Muslim Area – A dangerous precedent

In the realm of sociology and urban planning, the emergence of ghettos is usually considered an attempt by the majoritarian groups to alienate other inhabitants and minority groups who are not aligned with their cultural and religious ethos. However, in the case of Muslims, this is exactly the opposite.

They themselves create these ghettos because they do not wish to amalgamate into the common culture in order to distinguish themselves separately as a group. They don’t want to be an accommodative of other religious identities, linguistic groups, or castes, especially in their ghettos. They can get easily provoked if someone else passes through their so called areas, if the person of other religious alignment perform some religious activity in their area.

Even in India, you can see how Muslims have created unofficial no-go zones, where they perform various anti-social and anti-national activities, where they shelter criminals, and where even the police is hesitant to enter. The media and Islamic sympathizers always justify any mishappening and even put the blame on the victims if anything happens to them in these Muslim Areas.

We have seen how Media justifies the acts of violence by stating that the ‘procession was taken through Muslim areas’, or anti-Islamic slogans were hurled, that’s why stones were pelted and clashes took place.

The Muslim zones were said to pose a ‘serious threat’ to internal security, especially when they house illegal migrants, displaced refugees, and criminals. Such elements only create challenge for the law and order situation.


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