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Thane : The growing threat of Land Jihad in the Mumbai Suburb.


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First it was Jihad, then came Love Jihad which is an existential threat and now the emerging threat is Land Jihad, a new strategy devised to create an ecosystem which can be used as a base to futher a radical agenda. This can be seen in pockets in and around Mumbai which are obscure and don’t draw attention.

One such threat can be seen in Kalwa,Thane area ,a satellite of Mumbai.
Some people purportedly from Tablighi Jamaat have built a masjid which on land that belongs to the state thereby making the structure illegal.
Also, these people have started an Madrassa in an area where muslim population is almost nil. And as per locals they are planning two more Masjid’s again on Collector’s land.
When such activities are conducted it gives scope to suspicion and the intent is questionable.

Illegal Madarsaa at Kalwa

Locals suspect illegal activities in this Madrasa & have alerted local police which has turned blind eyes over this sensitive issue.

Looking at the act of suspicion the local residents tried to alert the local police.300 people’s signed a letter raising the issue of illegal madarsaas & alleged suspicious activities.But the response local corporation & police authorities has been discouraging.

Inputs from the local residents are alarming as they suspect that this could be matter of grave concern of security.”Turning deaf ears over such issues in a region like Mumbai which has always been on the radar of terrorists is really sad” said a resident

We cannot as a society turn a blind eye to such activities or brush it under the carpet.
There’s reasonable doubt which warrants further investigation.

Also those complicit in allowing them to encroach should be exposed and dealt with severely.


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