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Thackeray Sarkar: Maharashtra Police arrests people for celebrating Shri Ram Bhumi Pujan


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In a blatant display of hatred against Hindus, Maharashtra’s Mahavikas Aghadi Government has arrested several Hindus and slapped legal cases against them, their only crime was, that they were celebrating the Ram Mandir Bhoomi Poojan ceremony today.

It seems Uddhav Thackeray led Mahavikas Aghadi government has lost the morality and common sense, as they have shown an extreme brutality against the Sambhaji Nagar MNS Chief Suhas Dashrathe, they arrested him while he was doing Shri Ram pujan.

See this video and understand the kind of demeaning theatrics Maharashtra Government is indulged in.

Maharashtra Police went one step ahead and slapped the legal notices to all the Sadhus and other religious groups, who were planning to celebrate this pious day of Shri Ram Janm Bhoomi Pujan. Local Channel ‘Lokmat’ has covered this news and we were shocked to see such blatant misuse of power by the Maharashtra Government.

Picture Credit – Lokmat

This is the same government which gives special guidelines to celebrate the Bakri-eid recently. We failed to understand why Shivsena led government is showing such a bias against Hindus only. Don’t we have the right to celebrate our festivals? Ram Janmbhoomi case was one of the longest pending case in the history of India, every Hindu was waiting for Ram Janm Bhoomi with bated breath, and today when we have got the occasion, Thackeray Government is bullying the Hindus and arresting them.

People should not forget that this is the same Shivsena and Uddhav Thackeray, who called Modi ‘Afzal Khan’, who was a brutal ruler fought against Shivaji Maharaj. But truth is, the Uddhav Thackeray is acting like an Afzal Khan, and showing his brutality against Hindus.

This is a highly condemnable step of the Maharashtra Government, and it will only alienate Hindus against Shiv Sena further.


  1. Vinasha kaale viparit buddhi. Now save your govt from CBI enquiry. You have not learnt lessons from recent past history. who so ever has joined hands w sinking boat (congress) have lost their identity. to please ur coalition partners, Uddhav is going against his own father great Balasahebs ideologies. Now even Sri Ram Prabhu cant save this govt

  2. It seems that Shav Sena led Maharashtra Aghadi Government is representing Babar and its ideology and thus inviting Hindus to agitate against it in the same way,Hindus fought against Babar ideology and ultimately removed it. Aghadi Government have only few days to survive.

  3. What else do you expect from this government formed by stitching of opportunistic ideologies of three different parties?? ShivSena which fought the assembly elections with BJP against Muslims’ pleasing Congress party and totally corrupt NCP party??Shiv Sena has totally betrayed the majority mandate given to BJP and now this action on Shree Ram Bhakhts!! Deplorable!!

    • Shiv Sena party is a traitor party which back stabbed the ally BJP party after the announcement of results by sticking to its unreasonable demand for C.M.’s post even when it had no majority mandate of Mah.people!! The role played by its loud mouth Sanjay Raut and Pawar bhandus is well known to the hapless people of Mah . .

  4. Maharashtra people are waiting for an opportunity to teach a lesson to all three opportunists came together to form an unholy alliance against the popular will of the knowledgeable people of the State, people have no choice but to wait for an opportunity to teach a lesson to all of THEM particularly to SHIVSENA who cheated themselves for lust of chief minister chair.

  5. During breaking of Babri Masjid shiv saniks are supposed to have played a major role as per SAAMNA
    aWhat a *Turncoat* moment

  6. Wish respected Balasaheb Thackerayji was here today to see what is happening to the ethos and hindu culture he upheld and worshipped . Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, tumhi parat ekda janma ghya swarajyachya rakshanasathi.

  7. Doesn’t that prove that his son the goon adittya Thakre is involved in Disha Saliyan and Sushant Singh Rajput murders!? CONgress and ncp have caught uddhav thakre by balls

  8. I can’t believe this is the same party whose founder used to be Hindu rhudaya samrat Balasaheb Thackeray ji ? After 500 hundred years justice is met with Lord Ram for his permanent temple .Now is the time to dance celebrate victory for all hindus ,shame on you CM saheb istead you chose to punish ! .Better you & your maha Vikas gath bandhan aghadi use burnol ….

  9. Shiv Sena party is a traitor party which back stabbed the ally BJP party after the announcement of results by sticking to its unreasonable demand for C.M.’s post even when it had no majority mandate of Mah.people!! The role played by its loud mouth Sanjay Raut and Pawar bhandus is well known to the hapless people of Mah . .

  10. Maharashtra govt is correct . There was no social distancing in the celebration . Why should u Celebrate in a lock down . There was no celebration in Ayodhya it self . So why this people are celebrating. Uddhav is correct . I support him . If he is wrong then entire India should celebrate why only them . Country comes before religion

  11. No sense just been bunch of apeasers apeasing each other and consoling each other and arrogance behaviour will surely lead to down fall ……..

    Purushotam Sharangdhar

  12. Once we performed MahaAarti under able guidance of Hindu Hridyasamrat Balasaheb Thackrey, Today we face imprisonment under his son’s rule. Balasaheb was the only leader who declared that he was responsible for the fall of Babri. Times have Changed

  13. Vinaashkale Vipreet Buddhi.
    No-one can destroy the scientific way of life(sanatan dharma) other than evils born as sanatanis. Sad, but every time something good comes for real sanatanis(laws, festivals, justice, pride), it will be pseudo-sanatani who will oppose it first because of few reasons: No factual knowledge and acceptance of reality, personal relations with party workers, criminals, businessmen or someone similar to him/her, lack of soul and consciousness or because of the programmed mind handed over by British, Mughals and then Congress. All muslims in reality like owaisi but most idiot hindus oppose Yogi. All dirty characterless muslim women support hijab but hindu women won’t soppurt ghunghat during controversy(because of western mindset and ‘inferiority’). Muslims will always be united because they have an AIM Gazwa E Hind. But we sanatanis have a history of betrayals even it if costs our pride, heritage, identity and existence. That’s why Bipin Rawat’s chopper crashed because his aim was to remove enemies within the Bharatvarsh. And many hindus are in that 0.5 category. We will be an islamic nation in a decade or two if this betrayal trend and dirty politics is not stopped and silent killers are not slaughtered(violent truth, these people will not change and become more dangerous if kept alive) provided the rate at which pissful community is breeding.
    Chill, I know that before Muslims, idiots born as sanatanis will oppose me with bullshit points which don’t prove me wrong, because they are sold or programmed that way. Wish I could send them Burnoul.


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