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Terror Group SFJ holds a referendum in Toronto to make a separate country ‘Khalistan’, Canadian govt refuses to prohibit this Anti-Indian act


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The Khalistan movement has been going on for many decades, and now the situation is that it has become a travesty. After holding a referendum for a separate Khalistan state in the UK a few months ago, Khalistani terrorists have now started holding a referendum in Canada.

Sikhs for Justice, a banned terrorist organization in India, organized a referendum on Khalistan on September 18, while the pro-India Sikh community living in Canada strongly opposed this anti-national activity.

Thousands of Sikhs arrived in Toronto on Sunday at the polling station of the Gore Meadows Community Centre in Brampton to cast their votes for a referendum on the creation of a new state Khalistan in ‘Indian Punjab’. This community center is run by the Government of Canada, and in this, this voting process took place.

It is being told that a special religious prayer was also performed before the procedure. A large number of women and the elderly came to vote in the referendum. Voters said the referendum results would make it clear that Sikhs want independence from India.

The referendum is being held under the aegis of the terrorist organization Sikhs for Justice. GurPatwant Singh Pannu, who spewed venom against India, is the head of this terrorist group. In this referendum, Khalistani terrorists are asking Sikhs living in Canada whether Punjab should be made a separate country.

Khalistani terrorists are misleading Sikhs, they are portraying as if a new country will appear on the world map by cutting off from the Indian State of Punjab, and the Sikhs of India can no longer be deprived of freedom. According to the information received, this Khalistan referendum voting is being organized under the supervision of the Independent Punjab Referendum Commission (PRC), which will announce the results when all the phases are completed.

Canadian Government refuses to curb SFJ’s terror activities

According to sources, the Indian government had put diplomatic pressure on the Canadian government ahead of the Khalistan referendum vote at the Gore Meadows Community Centre in Brampton, Ontario, to suspend it and take appropriate action against those involved in the activity.

However, several high-ranking Canadian government officials described the referendum as a peaceful and democratic process within the legal parameters of Canadian laws and have refused to bar Canadian Sikhs from expressing their views. Canadian MP Sukhminder Singh Dhaliwal also said constitutional and democratic political expression cannot be stopped.

The Khalistani Referendum process started in the UK

The proxy referendum began in London on October 31, 2021. Sikhs for Justice has conducted this vote in Switzerland, Italy, London, and now in Canada. It is said that a total of 450,000 Sikhs have taken part in the referendum held so far.

However, this claim is constantly being questioned, and according to various people on the ground, this number has been greatly exaggerated. In Canada too, pro-Khalistan terrorists were taking out truck rallies several days before the referendum, putting up big misleading posters, and touring Toronto to mislead Sikhs by misusing gurdwara.

The SFJ has welcomed the alleged massive turnout. Gurpatwant Singh Pannu said Sikhs have shown in Canada that they will accept Shimla as the capital of independent Punjab as nothing less than an independent Khalistan. “Today, Canadians have voted in the independence referendum to reclaim Shimla as the capital after it was liberated from Indian occupation,” said Pannu

It is said that SFJ will conduct voting in Indian Punjab for Khalistan from January 26, 2023, which is coinciding with India’s 74th Republic Day.

Canada is nurturing a Frankenstein Monster, which will harm them in the future

It is being told that more than 300 Sikh members were present at the reserved community center to conduct the process successfully. Most of them were Canadian-born Sikh youth, they are heavily brainwashed by Khalistani elements and they support the Khalistan movement without any knowledge.

There are about one million Sikhs living in Canada, and a large number of them are strongly associated with the Khalistani movement. This is a subject that has plagued the Government of India for the last few decades, and it has started affecting the diplomatic relations between India and Canada.

Canada is not stopping this campaign by havocing it in a peaceful and democratic process, but the day is not far when these Khalistani terrorists will become a major threat to Canada’s law and order. We had seen in the past how Khalistani elements had actively cooperated in the truck movement run by farmers in Canada. The Government of Canada was shaken by that movement and they had to take strict action against the farmers.

Today Canada is promoting them, but soon they will bear the wrath of this Frankenstein Monster. Because the Pakistan-backed Khalistani movement is known for its violent nature, if their views do not match with the Government of Canada in the future, then these terrorists will start violence there too.


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