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How left-liberal Indian media and Umar Khalid built a monster (Still, they defend his misdeeds)


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But she isn’t the subject of this essay. It concerns a recent piece of hers that I received that I initially mistook for a stand-up routine’s script. Ms. Singh wrote about Umar Khalid and how she despises the legal system for standing up to the “malevolence usual” with much admiration. Because it fits his irrational political writings in the American media, I’m fairly sure her son Aatish Taseer gave it to her. When one realises that this may be the only option for him to gain prominence there, it becomes nearly unfathomable why he cared about India after being so overwhelmed by being accepted by the Stars and Stripes.

Additionally, Pioneer Special Correspondent J Gopikrishnan previously tweeted on how lucrative it is to produce an article that denigrates India while being a resident. Taseer, who was born in Britain, would undoubtedly counter that given his revoked OCI status, he barely qualifies as a native. He will simply compose another work of fiction and sell it to Time magazine as news because they don’t seem to be able to distinguish between the two, so I’m sorry. He won’t protest. Sincerely, I think Taseer’s issues stem from closer to home and have more to do with parenting than with the Indian Prime Minister. But even if he insists on making it public everywhere, I won’t go there because it’s a private matter.

How Indian left-liberals and the media created a monster ?

Umar Khalid attained the height of his fleeting intellectual fame, lavishly bestowed upon him by the nation’s dumb liberals, by positioning himself as an anti-BJP and anti-Hindutva crusader. Umar disagreed with the government on every point, which is OK. Nobody touched Umar for criticising the administration in his remarks. Indians and law enforcement authorities disregarded the man as he roamed the nation spewing hate.

Umar Khalid presented himself as a radical atheist who detested the idea of God and religion in general. However, the individual only found fault with Hindus. We continued to ignore the man. The people of this nation criticised him for his dishonesty and duplicity, and nothing more, when the mask came off his face and he began to teach about the beautiful characteristics of the Prophet while disparaging Hindutva. Indians laughed it off as they realised they were dealing with a cunning lunatic as he began to chant praises for the Prophet and Islam, an inadequate refutation of what a far-left atheist stands for.

However, Umar Khalid’s planned anti-Hindu riots then broke out. There it was. Freedoms have limits, and Khalid and his gang took a step that finally landed them in jail by inciting violence against Hindus in order to teach the ruling class a lesson. He was detained on Sunday for several hours, up until around 1 PM, before being arrested in the evening and facing serious accusations under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). The man will be held in detention for 10 days by the Delhi Police as they face him with material that totals an enormous 11 lakh pages!

There it was. Umar Khalid’s happy mission is finished, and he must now deal with the repercussions of inciting violence against Hindus—not least of all while the US President was in India. According to Tahir Hussain, Umar Khalid advised him to stockpile a lot of acid to use as a weapon against Hindus during the unrest that will erupt in the nation’s capital starting on February 24. Umar Khalid began pushing Islamists to rebel against the Modi administration during the US President’s visit four days earlier in Amravati.

Khalid revived the ridiculous premise of “targeted mob lynching” against Muslims before arguing that the government assumed it could pass any law against Muslims because Muslims did not protest the Supreme Court’s Ram Janmbhoomi decision.

Khalid further incited the audience by asserting that the CAA had been implemented to damage Muslims. He urged the populace to display their aukaat to the government and march through the streets to have the CAA removed. He goes on to warn that if enough people demonstrate, the “anti-Muslim” CAA, the nonexistent NPR and NRC, and ultimately the government will all be overthrown.

The Modi administration has recently made the decision to end Umar Khalid’s opulent liberties, which he was exploiting to spread false information about India becoming anti-Muslim.

While the opposition and the left rallied with Umar, those in charge of the show today appeared unimpressed by liberal showmanship that asserts a student is being punished for having a valid point of view.

One of the many transient blue-eyed intellectuals produced by Indian media is Umar Khalid. The other section of the media, which claims to be committed to the country, took to hounding him, giving him and his undeserving friends limelight of the magnitude that no anti-India scamp deserves, while a section of the media, which has sold its soul over the past 70 years to one political entity in the country, took to creating a hero out of Umar.

It turns out that Umar Khalid is a far greater ideological extreme than his father—possibly ever was—was because of his father’s affiliation with the terrorist group SIMI. However, the individual was successfully passed off as a “intellectual” by India’s liberals thanks to the media’s enormous assistance. Khalid may have believed he was now untouchable for the nation’s law enforcement and that he could do as he pleased because the left had given him a lot of clout. Unfortunately for him, the Indian state is punishing the man like a terrorist, shattering his bigoted and Islamist adventure.

 How Yogendra Yadav, Safoora Zargar, Umar Khalid, and others planned murder and violence in Delhi is detailed, “Khoon to Bahana Padega.”

during that time, the Karkardooma Court in Delhi heard the prosecution’s argument that Umar Khalid, Khalid Saifi, Sharjeel Imam, Safoora Zargar, Devangana Kalita, Natasha Badhwar, and others plotted the 2020 Delhi riots in advance. In support of his four-hour testimony before Karkardooma District Court Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat, the Special Public Prosecutor showed WhatsApp messages, alleging that Umar Khalid had referenced spitting blood in one of their meetings on January 23. Additionally, the prosecutor brought up the witness’ testimony in this context. He emphasised the gravity of the case and asserted that Khalid was an important participant in the planned conspiracy that led to the riots in Delhi in January 2020.

Since the time of the most recent hearing, the prosecutor had been claiming in court that group discussions demonstrate five people, including Safoora and Sharjeel, were aware of impending violence before Kapil Mishra’s alleged instigation on February 17.

It has been established in court that the protestors were attempting to (falsely) fabricate a story of violence and blame BJP leader Kapil Mishra for it because, first, they anticipated violence from February 17 itself and, second, one of them said, “Bhai kuch nai hua, Kapil Mishra gaya, police le gayi usse,

Where did it all begin?

The ‘United Against Hate’ group, which is led by former JNU student Umar Khalid and local Muslim leader Abdul Khalid, both of whom are currently charged and imprisoned for the conspiracy, organised an anti-CAA demonstration at Jantar Mantar on December 7 that Imam attended. An inquiry by the criminal division of the Delhi Police found that the anti-CAA movement was not organic and that the entire campaign was directed by a small group of people.

Muslim JNU students were united by Sharjeel Imam to accompany him to the Jantar Mantar. He discussed with Warsi his plan for organising students from JNU, Jamia, AMU, and DU on the same day. At this protest, Yogendra Yadav and Sharjeel Imam were introduced by Umar Khalid. Additionally, they planned to get together the next day in Jangpura to continue planning the action plan. The meeting was held on December 8th.

Yogendra Yadav’s message from the WhatsApp group was also displayed, pointing out that the meeting actually took place at the Indian Social Institute and that an attendance sheet was used to record everyone who participated. Where is the peaceful protest here, the prosecutor questioned? What reckless behaviour is he referring to in this message?

In his opening remarks, Special Public Prosecutor Amit Prasad referred to a meeting that took place on January 15–16 at Chand Bagh and stated that the accused have made declarations under section 164 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (before the magistrate) that they have “dande, patthar, laal mirch, tezaab ikkathey kiye gaye” (canes, red chilli, acid and stones were collected).

Owais, a particular person, discusses the claimed plan to do violence. The prosecutor claimed that the defendant claimed there was “irresponsible behaviour” and that locals were being unfairly blamed. Violence is not tolerated in this situation at all, says the speaker. Who exactly are these “tumhein” and “tumhare dost”? The defendants are the tumhein & tumhare dost who were present at the Chand Bagh meeting, according to the prosecutor claimed.

“Protest ke liye kuch paisa Jamia se aata tha, kuch atankwadi dete the,” a witness by the name of Robert (a code name employed by the prosecution) said in front of the magistrate. The prosecutor further asserted that a terrorist group had already provided the funding. There is some proof that Tahir Hussain changed white money into black. The prosecutor claimed to have a complete chain of evidence, which is quite unusual. “Why was the conversion of money to black necessary? The court heard testimony that “this money flowed to locations.”


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