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Swatantra Dev Singh shines as Bjp achieves historical victory in MLC elections of UP.

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In the recent elections of Teachers and graduate constituency BJP has done an outstanding performance . In the teachers kota out of 6 seats BJP had contested on 4 seats and has succeeded in winning 3 seats. The biggest victory came from Meerut-Saharanpur zone where the BJP candidate Shri.chand Sharma defeated Omprakash Sharma in a historic battle. Though initially he wasn’t confident about his victory but slowly he started realising the strength of BJP organisation and then became confident about his victory. In the 6 MLC seats of Uttar Pradesh the teachers organisation had always been dominant but this time BJP succeeded in getting a historical victory. In the Lucknow section BJP candidate Umesh dwivedi and in the Bareilly -Muradabad section Dr. Hari Singh dhilon have won.

Teachers organisation chief Op Sharma and graduate organisation chief Hem singh pundhir have been dominant in their MLC constituency since 48 years and 24 years respectively.They are said to be big political masters of this game .But finally BJP was able to break both their political strategy and records.

Just like Teachers constituency BJP was able to perform very well in the 5 regions for graduate constituency. In the Meerut range graduate constituency BJPs Dinesh goyal defeated Hem singh pundhir who had been dominating this for last 24 years .The Agra region graduate constituency was won by BJP candidate Dr. Singh .

In the graduate constituency the biggest victory was recorded in the Lucknow region where the BJP candidate Avanish singh defeated Kanti singh wife of SP singh with a huge margin thus ending the 18 year old dynast politics. The Lucknow seat was considerd to be one of the toughest seat in the state but micromanagement by BJP president of UP Shri swatantradev singh and booth level management by Avanish singh made this victory possible.

UP BJP chief Swatantradeo Singh has once again proved his potential and leadership qualities , earlier under his leadership in November BJP had won 6 out of 7 by elections for assembly seats.

Swatantratadeo Singh had worked very hard for this MLC elections and the preparations & strategy were designed in a manner similar to LS & Assembly elections.
For this elections he had made a team of leaders and party workers which included ex MP , MLA’s & also those leaders who had earlier won the MLC elections. This team coordinately worked under Mr Singh & propogated, marketed the popular schemes by Yogi govt among the voters very well.

There was door to door campaign to reach the voters and convince them that Bjp doesn’t only gives big promises but it is proved that Bjp also executes those promises & works for the common people. Many big schemes which were announced by Modi and Yogi govt are been executed well and it’s made sure that it reaches the last person.
The quality of development work done by BJP govt and the campaigning done by the organisation has made it possible to win any elections

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