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Supreme Court issues notice to Centre & several states; seeks food & basic amenities for Rohingya Infiltrators


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In an expected turn of events, the Supreme Court has issued notice to Central and several other State Governments to ensure the food and basic amenities for Rohingya Infiltrators.

This notice has been issued by a bench, led by Justice Chandrachud, admitted the PIL filed by advocate Fazal Abdali, and it sought replies from Central Government along with Delhi, Haryana, Telangana, J&K, Manipur & Mizoram state governments.

Well, this is a clear-cut case of Judicial overreach, as Central Government is already working to collect the data of Rohingya infiltrators and preparing to deport them as soon as possible. However, the Supreme court seems in a different mood altogether, as they admit such nefarious PIL’s and then keep sending the notices to Governments and help Infiltrators to buy the time.

Are our learned judges ensuring that illegal immigrants can enter India and then the Indian govt will have to arrange for their food, shelter, job, and other amenities? Then why do we have a Passport and Visa mechanism? Let anyone enter and settle here.

This is the same Supreme Court that junked the PIL submitted to deliver justice to Kashmiri Pandits, but it is showing so much empathy towards Rohingyas. May we know why?

Currently, we have several Lakhs of Rohingyas settled in several parts of the country. Who will fund the bill of their basic amenities? Shouldn’t Supreme Court judges pay this from their own pockets?

Going by the trend, tomorrow Supreme Court may order Governments to provide these Rohingyas the right to vote, right to education, reservation, and what not. This non-sense must stop now, before it is too late.



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