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SOLDIERATHON 3.0 — FREEDON RUN under the aegis of Fitistan – Ek Fit Bharat created history on Aug 14th, 2022 by formulating a unique way of celebrating the Independence Day in India.


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Soldierathon , founded by Major Surendra Poonia , ex special forces, Indian army , a doctor & Limca book of world record holder in power lifting was mentored by our revered past President, Dr APJ Kalam to start a marathon to honour our country’s soldiers, martyrs & their families.
Fitistan- Ek Fit Bharat, is a passion project of Major Surendra Poonia & Mrs Shilpa Bhagat , Mrs India world 2013, with a dream of happy & healthy Bharat . They intend to bridge the gap between the desire & reality of fitness through creating supportive communities & curating interesting challenges.
Soldierathon 3.0 was a culmination of exactly that. They came up with a unique format where the run didn’t happen at one location but it was conducted throughout the length & breadth of the Indian sub continent.

Small communities called Fitistanis headed by Fit Bharat Captains flagged off the event at 6.30 am on the 14th of august to celebrate the country’s freedom and honour the soldiers by running/ walking / cycling 7.5 kms / 75 mns across 115 locations !
From Srinagar, Jammu., Leh , Ladakh up north to Andaman & Nicobar down south , there was a wave of celebration where you could hear every Fitistani proudly roar ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai ‘ & see them run with their friends and family carrying the Nations flag high up in the honour of the true heroes who guard our nation willing to give up their own lives to save ours.

They truly have redefined the meaning of Ek. Individual became Bharat, Competition became collaboration, a simple run became a movement!
Staying true to their slogan ‘Rukna Mana Hai’ Major Poonia & Shilpa are confident that on Vijay Diwas Dec 16th, the most significant day of the army, they will see more that 1,00,000 people come together to celebrate Soldierathon.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳Fit Bharat🇮🇳


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