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Sitting judges are part of HRLN, a foreign aided NGO, which runs anti establishment agendas, exposes Vinay Joshi of LRO in an exclusive interview with Trunicle Part II


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Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) founded and run by Colin Gonsalves received ₹50 crore from European churches for legally defending anti CAA protesters. Now HRLN is targeting NCPCR and its chairman, Priyank Kanoongo. Why?

Shaheen Bagh anti CAA protest was such a rare one in which for the first time, women and children were used as human shields to oppose an act, which had been democratically passed by both houses, the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha after long and due debate. India had never witnessed such an inhuman form of protest to oppose the policy of government, wherein women and children were used as weapons of war.

Shivering and wailing kids in Shaheen Bagh used to be newspapers’ front page pictures. Unfortunately, two new born babies had died in Delhi’s cold. Killer was not Delhi’s cold, but dead babies’s parents, who kept taking the four month old infant to Shaheen Bagh and exposed the baby to harsh winters of Delhi repeatedly. What is shocking is that parents had no regrets after baby died.

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) took cognisance of a complaint on viral videos of children participating in the protest against CAA. NCPCR directed District Magistrate, South East Delhi to visit Shaheen Bagh and educate them that using children in political protest is non bailable offence under Juvenile Justice Act.

When District Magistrate tried to educate about Juvenile Justice Act, the left leaning media and network behind Shaheen Bagh began attacking NCPCR as if it wants to hinder the protest, while NCPCR was doing its duty.

Why Shaheen Bagh protesters and its support system, an NGO called Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) are continuously targeting the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)?

NCPCR has cracked down kidnapping and forced marriage of minor girls in North India. NCPCR has also taken strong action against on rackets of human trafficking in which minor girls are pushed to prostitution and new born babies are sold.

When Missionaries of Charity, founded by Mother Teresa were caught red handed selling new born babies in Ranchi Jharkhand, in 2018, NCPCR moved the Supreme Court for a Supreme Court monitored SIT probe into the cases of alleged sale of children at the organisation’s shelter homes. NCPCR’s action irked Missionaries. When NCPCR intervened to save children in Shaheen Bagh, it was right time for HRNL and Islamists to gang up against NCPCR.

Why is lawyer Colin Gonsalves personally leading attack against been NCPCR Chairman Priyank Kanoongo?

Colin Gonsalves appeared before Delhi High Court to secure bail for POCSO accused man—who had posted girl child’s photos on social media—to quash FIR lodged by Delhi Police. Girl’s father had complained to NCPCR. And the complaint had been forwarded by NCPCR to police.

Colin Gonsalves made Priyank Kanoongo personally a party with ₹50 lacs compensation claims against him for the complaint passed by NCPCR, even after common lawyer stressed that it was unconstitutional. Surprisingly court hearing ended up making Mr Kanungo personally party with Rs 50 lakh compensation claims against him. HRLN’s investment in judiciary as HRLN makes sitting judges as its board of directors paid off.

This is how and why Churches, its front organisations HRLN, its founder a Colin Gonsalves and Islamists have ganged up to target NCPCR its chairman, Priyank Kanoongo.

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