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Sikhs – A persecuted community that hasn’t learned anything from the history


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Kashmir is witnessing another turmoil these days, as thousands of members of Sikh community were protesting against the alleged forced marriage and conversion of an 18-year-old Sikh woman with disabilities with a Muslim man in Srinagar.

The police have handed over the girl to her parents and arrested the man on charges of kidnapping. However, the girl in a statement before the court has said that she married the Muslim man out of her own free will. Though this has been retorted by the Sikh groups and they accused that police did not allow the parents of the girl to enter the court when her statement was recorded by the magistrate and her testimony was influenced.

According to the law, however, statements recorded before the magistrate in such cases cannot be taken in the presence of the family, police, or any other party.

On Sunday, the Akali Dal Leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa led a protest in Srinagar. He alleged that the 18-year-old Sikh women was kidnapped at gunpoint by Muslims and forcibly converted, and wedded to elderly men. He also claimed that many such incidents happened in Kashmir in recent times.

This issue has once again created a wide rift between Sikhs and Muslims, at least this is what is seen on social media these days. There is growing resentment among the Sikhs, who are now heavily divided on the issue of forceful conversion of Sikh girl and then her marriage with an old Muslim man.

There are several Sikh social media influencers who are raising their voice against this blatant violation of humanity and religious sensitivity, but there is a larger fraction of Sikhs, which is still calling it a ‘small issue’ and trying to brushing it under the carpet, and thus strengthen our believe that Sikhs haven’t learned their lesson from their history.

Sikh History – Full of religious persecution and hatred

In the last couple of years, we have seen a newly hatched myth of ‘Sikh-Muslim’, which is heavily pushed by Islamists and the left-liberal cabal. Even during the recent Anti-CAA protest and Farmer Bill protest, we have seen this fake propaganda of Sikh-Muslim unity.

Though this propaganda shatters the moment we take few glimpses into the history of Sikhism. The very religion was initiated due to the brutal persecution of people at the hands of Mughal invaders in the medieval era. The Sikh-Muslim tensions have prevailed over centuries and the reason behind that is the religious persecutions suffered by Sikh Gurus and the entire community at the hands of Muslim invaders.

For the next 3 centuries, the Sikhs were in constant struggle with the Mughals, Afghan tribes, and other Islamic invaders in North India. Sikh Guru Arjan was executed by Mughal emperor Jahangir, he imprisoned Guru Hargobind for many years.

Another Mughal emperor Aurangzeb destroyed many gurudwaras and he also ordered the brutal execution of Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur. It was the Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib in Delhi, where Sikh Guru was beheaded. The subsequent Sikh Leader Guru Gobind Singh was forced to remain in a constant state of war against the Mughal Empire, due to their anti-Sikh policies.

This persecution continued and we saw another inhumane face during the division of India, when millions of Sikhs were butchered by Muslims of Pakistan. This persecution was happening even today, as Sikhs are at receiving end of the state-sponsored attacks in Islamic nations such as Pakistan and Afghanistan.

No lesson learned by Sikhs

The accounted history of over almost 500 years proves that Sikhs and Muslims have not enjoyed coherence at any point in time in history. But still, there are some people, who are influenced by the leftist and Islamist agenda, who propagate a myth of Sikh-Muslim bonhomie.

These people paddle the lies of so-called bonhomie between Sikhs and Muslims, and their sole objective is to absolve the atrocities inflicted by Muslims on Sikhs over centuries. We have seen some recent examples during anti-CAA protests and Farmer Law protests, where Sikhs were feeding the Muslims, offering them ration and Langar. Many Sikh organizations organized langars in Shaheen Bagh, and something similar was done during Anti-Farmer law protests, where we have seen a fake bonhomie between Sikh-Muslims to thwart the majority Hindus in India.

This fake bonhomie was propagated by the Khalistani and Islamist elements inside and outside of India. Who can forget the Anti-Hindu statements by Khalistani supported radical elements? Who can forget the unfortunate incident of 26th January, when Khalistani and Islamists together brought shame for entire India, for what they did at Red Fort.

Will Sikhs ever understand the reality?

Sikhs may show their fake solidarity with Muslims, but the reality is that they are also Kafir for them, and this has been proved time and again. The Sikhs under the influence of Khalistani propaganda are unable to understand the fundamental difference between Sikhism and Islam.

Where the Islam is an extremely predatory, proselytizing, and exclusivist in nature, whereas the Sikhism is founded on the principles of love, respect, equality, and compassion. Hence it doesn’t matter how much Sikhs may try to show solidarity with Muslims, they are destined to get a taste of the history lessons every now and then.

Even the Khalistani leadership, which considers itself as the harbinger of Sikhism, should look at the reality, they should see how Muslims are persecuting their Sikh brothers in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and several other Islamic nations. Last year many Sikhs were killed by Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan, did anyone heard any statement of Khalistani Leadership, condemning these attacks?

Well, you will never hear anything from Khalistani leadership, as they are not Sikhs, they are power hungry pawns of ISI and Islamic radical groups.

Now, the responsibility to uplift Sikhism and keep it away from the clutches of Islamists and Khalistani elements is in the hands of fellow Sikh brothers. They must understand that these people are actually misusing their credibility. They have missed them during the ’80s and ’90s by creating unrest in Punjab, which brought a bad name for Sikhs and created animosity between Hindus and Sikhs, which is growing with each passing day.

Sikhs must take the stand now, and recluse themselves from the influence of this Left Liberal-Islamist-Khalistani cabal, as this will only help them to move towards prosperity and welfare in the future, otherwise these people are readied with their plans to create a divide between Hindus and Sikhs.


  1. Now,History repeats itself.What sikhs have sown,now they are reaping it.Hindus in the country will not forget the genocides by them in the name of Khalistan Movement during 1980s and 1990s in Punjab.More than 22,ooo Hindus were butchered and their women molested and raped and killed;thousands of Hindus were rendered homeless;their properties were looted by the sikh goons.There was no limit for their brutality.Another Sikh group from the USA,is tarnishing the image of pious Brahmins and their community.Many Brahmin freedom fighters have laid down
    their lives in the service of the nation.They are all now ignored and forgotten.Many of them remain now as unsung heroes.We should not have any sympathy for the anti-national ,divisive sikhs.
    Ironically,Sikhism is the off-shoot of Hinduism!


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