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Shocking: Obscene sculptures found in Delhi’s Balaji Temple, locals accused missionaries of this heinous act


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In an extremely shocking incident, multiple obscene sculptures were found in a Balaji Temple of Vivek Vihar, New Delhi. Few Locals observed some suspected activities inside the temple and when few locals barged in, they found a lot of obscene sculptures inside the temple, few sculptures were even fixed on the walls of the temples.

Alert was raised immediately and local Bajrang Dal unit was informed and at the same time it was reported to Delhi Police to take an appropriate action against the temple authorities, as this activity was going on under their nose.

Please watch this video to understand the veracity the situation.

This seems a deliberate attempt to malign the Temple and Hinduism. As per some unconfirmed reports from the local residents, they have seen a rise in conversion in recent times in that area, few missionaries are highly active. Per them, it’s certain that someone from Temple Administration or the Pujari could be hand in gloves with the missionaries who were have installed these sculptures inside the temple premises to defame Hinduism and diminish the reputation of this renowned temple.

After lot of ruckus, Delhi Police had to step in and they recovered all those obscene sculptures from the Balaji Temple. The locals were extremely angry and they are accusing Temple Committee and Pujari for this heinous act, as they are the one who managed the day to day activities of the temple, and without their agreement, no such activity could take place in the Temple.

We are in the opinion, that we have to wake up and stand together to protect our Dharma, as such miscreants are not going to stop. These people are hell-bent on demeaning our culture and leave no opportunity to abuse our Gods in every possible way. Every Hindu should keep a vigil in their area and report such inappropriate activities to the police and other Hindu religious organizations.


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