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SHOCKING – BJP MP Tejasvi Surya exposes a massive scam in COVID bed bookings by BBMP’s Muslim employees


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When entire nation is mired with the massive 2nd wave of COVID, there are few corrupts who are making money at such a juncture. BJP MP Tejasvi Surya on May 4 alleged widespread corruption in allocating COVID-19 beds.

This at a time when critical COVID-19 patients are dying in want of oxygen, ICU, and ventilator beds. Karnataka is already facing a massive shortage of medical oxygen. He said that the investigation by his office has unearthed a “dishonorable and an unholy nexus” between zonal helplines, BBMP employees, and hospitals, which allegedly created a false scarcity of beds.

Tejasvi, who was visibly looking quite upset, said that situation is quite distressing and family and friends are facing it amid the massive COVID mayhem. He said that “Getting a bed for a COVID-19 patient is a nightmare. The bed booking software (portal) always shows that the beds are occupied.” He was accompanied by Ravi Subramanya, his uncle, and the MLA of Basavanagudi. 

Surya said that “Upon investigation, it came to light that some Arogya Mitras deputed in private hospitals, BBMP helpline and bed booking system incharges as well as certain private hospitals have created artificial scarcity by resorting to a few unscrupulous methods and are consequently denying deserving patients much needed hospital care.”

He said that in more than 4000 instances, the BBMP incharge books the bed in the name of an asymptomatic patient as soon as he or she is informed of a vacant bed. Thereafter, the same bed is again allotted to another patient after a few hours. These arrangements either based on monetary considerations or influence by authorities in other cases. Whereas the common man remains to call the helpline is left high and dry without any redressal.

Tejasvi also shared a document that lists at least 12 such cases where these malpractices were done. In other instances, a large number of patients are curiously admitted mainly after midnight in certain hospitals. For them, the allotment and admission take place in a matter of a few seconds which was really not possible. He cited multiple such instances taking place in Manipal Hospitals, Navachetana Hospital, Aster CMI, and Aster RV Hospital among others.

He further asked that “How is it that a common man is made to run pillar to post to find one hospital bed for his family member? Are there really no hospital beds available for an entire day for patients? When each of the zones and the 108 helpline are producing daily reports of an average of 100 bookings done per day, who are the patients being admitted to hospitals and given COVID-19 treatment?”

Jihadi Command center of BBMP

It is also observed that BBMP is running a command center, which is managed by a 3rd party, which has employed only Muslim employees. Tejasvi raised this command center, which is responsible for the booking of beds for all the hospitals.

Here is the list of some people working in BBMP WAR ROOM, who are selling the beds for money and killing thousands of Bengalurians. 
1. Mansoor Ali2. Tahir Ali Khan3. Sadiq Pasha4. Mohammad Zayed5. Alsai Saheer6. Umer Khan7. Salman Urif8. Zameer Pasha9. Zabiullah Khan10. Sayed Hasnain11. Sayed Shahid12. Sayeed Shahbaz13. Mohammad Yunus14. Syed Mohin Shah15. Syed Muyesh Shah16. Al Sahil

Tejasvi alleged another curious concept of beds being wasted as those beds are auto unblocked after a patient does not turn up in the hospital, 12 hours after the bed is booked. He cited 16 such instances and pointed out that “a more deserving patient is denied a hospital bed for a person who is not even interested in getting admitted”.

He also listed another instance where a patient was allegedly asked to pay money upfront for a bed. He alleged the police have arrested the tout after being tipped by his office.

This is certainly so baffling and shocking incident, and we demand an action against Joint Commissioner Sarfaraz Khan has to be made accountable, and such 3rd party command centers should be disbanded immediately.


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