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Samast Mahajan- The selfless organization serving Human, Nature, Birds, and Animals


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The World has been changing gradually, people are in a rat race to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Amid all this, there are very few people, who make efforts to bring changes in the lives of others, they indulge themselves in Social services to uplift the lives of a common man. Today’s article is about such an organization, which is an epitome of Social Service not only for humans but for animals as well.

Yes, we are talking about Samast Mahajan, a renowned organization that was established in August 2002, and since then it has been tirelessly working towards various causes like social, humanitarian, environmental, and compassion towards animals and birds. It founded by Girishbhai Shah, a renowned philanthropist, by the blessings of Pujya Gurudev Panyas Shri Chandrashekharvijayji Maharaj Saheb.

Girish Bhai is a firm believer in Ahimsa and compassion towards every living being. He formulated the code of conduct of Samast Mahajan, which is based on the famous principle of the live and let live. Samast Mahajan’s primary objective is to save animals from being sent to slaughterhouses and to inspire farmers to do farming without using chemical-based pesticides and artificial fertilizers, which indeed cause a lot of health issues.

Samast Mahajan is known for providing financial assistance to more than 350 Gaushalas and Panjrapoles. It also encourages society to donate money for genuine causes and transparent workings. Apart from all these noble causes, the one most important area is Education, where Samast Mahajan has ventured in. Education is the foundation of our society and understanding the importance of education, Samast Mahajan offers all necessary help to the underprivileged children to pursue their education. It also offers financial assistance to gurukuls and schools, so that they can improve their infrastructures and premises.

Samast Mahajan came to the rescue for Animals during Lock down

While entire humanity was shell shocked due to the impact of the Corona Virus and Lockdown. Animals and birds were not any exceptions, and Samast Mahajan came to their rescue and ran following initiatives to offer help.

  1. 30 KG jowar was given to pigeons in Borivali on a daily basis
  2. It ensures the water supply for birds in Mumbai’s Malad, Appapada, Damu Nagar, Kranti Nagar, Ambedkar Forest, and the nearest areas.
  3. It offered milk and biscuits to more than 400 stranded dogs in Rajkot and several nearby areas. It also distributed Jowar in more than 100 villages for pigeons and other birds.
  4. Samast Mahajan’s Rajasthan Coordinator Sh. Harnarayan Soni distributed fodder for more than 2000 animals in Osian (Jodhpur) and nearby areas.
  5. Devendra Bhai, who is a member of the Organization’s Managing committee, has ensured food and water supply for thousands of stranded animals and Gaushalas in Vapi, Gujrat.
  6. Bharat Ji Kothari ensured the distribution of fodder worth Rs. 40 Lakh in Banaskantha Gujrat. Shri Popat Bhai distributed fodder worth Rs. 5 Lakh in Raniwada, Rajasthan. Rajesh Bhai from Vapi distributed fodder worth Rs. 15 Lakh for stranded animals during the lockdown, when nobody was venturing out of their homes, these people saved the lives of thousands of animals and birds.

Financial assistance to Gaushalas and Panjrapoles

Samast Mahajan’s management understood the gravity of the situation, and they sanctioned immediate financial assistance of more than 1Crore rupees for the following Gaushalas and Panjrapoles, so that they can take care of the animals in their premises.

Following are the beneficiaries of Samast Mahajan’s financial assistance.

Picture source – Samast Mahajan

Tinku Memorial Trust, Vapi

This animal shelter house is in Khadki village, which is approximately 10 kilometers from Vapi. There are 126 Dogs and 132 Birds, which are taking treatment for different sorts of ailments and other issues. This shelter house provides 600 KG of chapatis, 8 kg of rice, 20 liter Milk, 8 kg Curd, and 1 Biscuit box for all animals and birds on daily basis. Even during the lockdown, this shelter house was feeding more than 1100 dogs.

Picture Source – Samast Mahajan

Karuna Trust Virar

This trust is providing drinking water to the stranded animals and birds. It organizes request Bird camps and distributes Bird Feeder equipment to the people. It started Roti Bank during the lockdown and with the help of its volunteers, it used to collect more than 2000 chapati from the nearest 14 Societies and distributed that to stranded animals in the east and west Virar. This trust distributed more than 300 boxes of biscuits, 2500 kg rice, and 150 bags of Jowar, more than 20-liter milk on daily basis.

Picture Source – Samast Mahajan

Samvedna Foundation

This foundation is working in the Sangli district of Maharashtra. It offers assistance to Old, disabled, and stranded people. It was providing food to more than 80 people on daily basis. It takes care of more than 40 Gir Cows, it offers food and medical help to stranded animals in the Sangli district.

Karuna Foundation

It is one of the biggest organizations in India, which offers free medical help to animals and birds. It has been awarded by the Government of India as well. It offered food, water and medicines help to more than 1.25 Crore of Animals and Birds during the lockdown.

Jeev Daya Ghar

Its a 50 years old organization, which was founded by Shri Jayanti Bhai Lakshmichand Shah (Former President of Rajkot Mahajan Panjrapol). This organization is known for its efforts towards the welfare of Animals and Birds. It provides necessary assistance during natural calamities like drought, flood, etc. It worked really hard during the lockdown and distributed the following.

  • 2200 Liters of Milk
  • 7500 kg Rice
  • More than 1,000 kg gathiya for Crows and Kites.
  • Vegetable distribution for pigs.
  • 6000 kg maize distribution
  • 6000 kg maize distribution
Picture Source – Team Trunicle

Raksha Foundation

Raksha Foundation operates out of Jaipur and it is helping and supporting animals and birds since 2003 when it was founded. It is instrumental in planting more than 5,000 saplings per year. It also runs an operation theatre, where a team of medical experts takes care of the animals and birds, and give them the necessary treatment. During the lockdown, the Raksha foundation installed more than 200 water tanks for animals and birds. It also takes care of more than 1000 birds in their shelter home.

Picture Source – Team Trunicle

Dadar Kabootarkhana Trust

Dadar Kabootarkhana trust was founded in 1950 and its the famous place where thousands of pigeons and other birds come and people offer them jowar dana. Samast Mahajan gave them the financial assistance of Rs. 75,000.

Rescue and rehabilitation of stray animals foundation

Rescue and rehabilitation of stray animals foundation, Anand was founded in 2016 to provide medical help and shelter to stray animals. It has 2 ambulances and 1 Animal shelter, where they can provide support to more than 100 animals at any point in time. They have an operation theatre as well, where their medical experts treat animals and birds. They offer radium belts and reflective collars to stray dogs with lower eyesight, which helps them avoid accidents. During the lockdown, It offered food to more than 800 stray dogs on daily basis.

How to contact Samast Mahajan?

If you want to contact the Samast Mahajan and offer your support, then please use the following details.

Address – 4, Sanidhya Complex, Near Sanayas Aashram, Ashram Road Ahmedabad Gujarat, India

Phone:- 079-30027800
Email:- admin@samastmahajan.org


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