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Renaissance 2.0 – is Europe finally awakening against Radical Islam??


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The Renaissance is known as a turning point for Europe and the Modern World as well. It was a period in European history, between the 15th and 16th centuries, which marked an era of transition from the Middle Ages to modernity. It changed the mindset of European people, it changes the customs, way of thinking, religious leaning, and lot many other things, which impacted the World for the next centuries.

It seems, Europe has reached the same crossroads again, where it has to take the stand and execute a course correction asap. Currently, almost every European country is reeling under one or another problem. They are battling the Covid pandemic, along with that many European governments and politicians are facing economic problems, social and political problems and they all are instrumentalizing their people, resources, and states to survive these problems.

In the last two decades, European political parties, especially center-left parties have lost power and there is a diminishing influence of center-left across Europe, which has created a sort of vacuum. At the same time, we have seen a gradual rise of ultra-nationalist movements, far-right political parties in Europe. Far-left parties often accuse that there is a sudden rise in alienation and otherization of a ‘specific’ section of society, there is a strong anti-migrant and anti-Muslim sentiment across the Europe.

It has been observed that European political parties are utilizing Islam, Muslim countries, and Refugees from the middle east for shaping their domestic policies and strategies. Politicians, Media, and even the general public are directly or indirectly discussing and debating on Islam and Muslims these days.

People have started considering the Muslims as their main threat, a threat to their way of life, their lives, and also the main source of all sorts of troubles Europe is facing at this point in time. These sentiments have been echoed by many European politicians, media personalities, and other eminent personalities too.

European Nations adopting the anti-Islamic posture

The torchbearer of Renaissance 2.0 is none other than French President Emmanuel Macron, who was considered as a messiah of secularism and liberalism till a few days back. But now the entire leftist cabal and media are projecting him as a highly ambitious, shallow, and arrogant European politician.

Macron had recently made a statement, which has sent waves across the World. He said that “Islam is a religion that is in crisis all over the world today.” He went a step ahead and defended the famous french magazine Charlie Hebdo to project the cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad to be projected onto government buildings in Paris.

Considering the rise of anti-Islam sentiment, Macron and France are not alone, this sentiment has been spreading like a wildfire and many politicians and countries increasingly pursue similar policies.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who is known for closing many mosques and other Islamic institution. The Austrian government is also preparing to card-index Islamic institutions in the country.

German Chancellor Merkel said “Islamist terror is our common enemy” to show solidarity with Austria. Belgium has last year banned the Muslim way of ritually slaughtering animals, which is ‘Halal’. Netherlands put a ban on Burka or face masks last year. 

Greece has passed a law to limit the powers of Islamic courts (Sharia) in a northern region, where they have more than 100 thousand Muslims. This step will block the ‘implementation’ of Sharia law in the country and Muslims have to approach the greek civil courts.

Several European nations like Austria, Denmark, Germany, France, Latvia, Belgium, and Bulgaria have already banned the Burka ‘Veil’ and have put in several other restrictions, which have made Muslims quite angry.

Why Europe is turning against Islam?

This is an important question, which most of the people often choose to ignore, but let’s put out some facts, which may help you understand the root cause of this sudden Anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe.

People think that Islam followers are incompatible with the multicultural democracy, as there is almost no Islamic democracy in the world and the reason for this lies in the conventional non-democratic character of Islam. It is also observed that Muslims also have a seething hatred against the Western world and modernity itself.

Apart from the above, another problem is that Muslims try to impose their practices in these democratic nations. Muslims ask for Halal meat in schools for their children. They ask restaurants and food chains to promote the Islamic method of slaughtering the animals. Despite some resistance from the white population, it is allowed. They follow their ancient dress code at work and other public places.

Muslims take time-off for prayer from work. Make and female circumcision is another inhumane practice that Muslims promote wherever they go. Another practice is Polygamy, which is banned since the 1980s, but it creates a sort of unrest among the Muslims. The biggest thing that makes Muslims unwanted in Europe is their publicly-funded religious schools, which is ‘Madarsa’.

And above all, the constant availability of Muslim support base for dreaded terror groups like ISIS or Al Qaeda. The recent attack in Vienna was carried out by ISIS, and there are hundreds of other attacks carried out in Europe in the last 5-10 years, which were owned by several terror groups.

We believe this is the time for Muslims to do some sort of introspection, also give a thought to make some course correction. But alas, Muslims are doing exactly opposite of what they should have done in current circumstances.

How Muslims are reacting?

The Muslim world has been in shock since then and most of the Islamic nations have unequivocally condemned Macron and France over the treatment of Islam. Many eminent Muslim personalities, individuals, non-state actors, and state officials have been demanding the boycott of France from their respective governments.

There is a global campaign announced by different Muslim groups and parties to boycott French products in their own respective nations. Multiple Arab commerce associations and many organizations have already withdrawn French products from supermarkets in response to Macron’s comments on Islam and Muslims.

Many countries have reacted to Macron’s so-called spread of hatred. Countries like Kuwait, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Palestine have made official statements against France and decided to impose sanctions against French products.

If ban was not enough, then they carry out attacks. The recent attack in France, Russia and Austria are evidences of the seething anger amongst them, which ultimately harming Islam and its followers.

So, it is quite visible that Muslims and Islamic ummah is not ready to learn a lesson from their deeds. They have some ideological problem that prevent them to accept the modernity and assimilated into the european societies.

Though, Islam has been an important part of Europe and has contributed a lot in shaping its cultural identity. However, their constant flip-flip, sometimes friendly and sometimes hostile attitude has made the things worse. Now, the onus of sorting out these difference is on Muslims, but will they do anything in this regard? We doubt.


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