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Rajasthan:Mahmood Alam of Bangladesh was living in India posing as Kishore Kumar.


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In a recent development, the Rajasthan Police apprehended an individual identified as Mahmood Alam from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. What has brought this incident to the fore is not just the arrest itself, but the startling revelation that Mr. Alam had been residing in India for approximately seven months under an assumed identity – ‘Hindu.’

The arrest, made by local law enforcement, has sparked concerns and raised crucial questions regarding identity verification processes and the presence of foreign nationals in the country. Mahmood Alam’s purported act of living under an assumed name for an extended period has brought the spotlight onto the efficacy of monitoring systems and their ability to detect such covert activities.

According to reports, after completing necessary legal formalities, the Rajasthan Police promptly handed over Mahmood Alam to the Intelligence Bureau (IB), underscoring the potential national security implications of this puzzling case. The IB’s involvement signifies a deeper investigation into the motives and potential ramifications associated with Mr. Alam’s actions.

The use of an alias to conceal one’s identity and reside in a foreign country for an extended duration not only raises security concerns but also underscores the challenges faced by authorities in verifying and monitoring individuals, especially when they employ deceptive tactics.

The circumstances surrounding Mahmood Alam’s entry into India, his activities during the seven months, and the reasons behind assuming an alternate identity remain shrouded in mystery. The role of law enforcement agencies and intelligence units becomes pivotal in unraveling the intricate details of this case to ascertain any potential threats posed by such surreptitious actions.

As the investigation progresses, it is expected that pertinent details regarding Mahmood Alam’s motives and activities during his stay under the assumed identity ‘Hindu’ will emerge, shedding light on this intriguing case and potentially unveiling broader implications for national security protocols.


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