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President Droupadi Murmu Inaugurates Gujarat’s NeVA Digital House Project


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In a significant step towards digitizing legislative proceedings and enhancing transparency in governance, President Droupadi Murmu recently inaugurated the NeVA Digital House project of the Gujarat State Legislative Assembly. This landmark initiative aims to revolutionize the functioning of the legislative body by harnessing the power of technology to streamline operations, facilitate better communication, and provide the public with unprecedented access to legislative activities.

NeVA: A Transformative Technological Leap

The NeVA (National e-Vidhan Application) Digital House project is an ambitious undertaking that seeks to bring the legislative process into the digital age. This project is part of a broader national initiative to digitize legislative processes across India, promoting efficiency, transparency, and accessibility.

Key Features of NeVA Digital House Project

1.Digital Proceedings: The heart of the NeVA Digital House project is the digitization of legislative proceedings. All debates, discussions, and voting within the Gujarat State Legislative Assembly will now be recorded and made available online. This not only preserves the historical record but also allows the public to witness the legislative process firsthand.

2.E-Notices and Papers: Legislators and stakeholders will receive all notices, agendas, bills, and other relevant documents electronically. This transition reduces paper usage, improves document accessibility, and streamlines communication among members.

3.Online Committees: The project also includes the digitization of committee work, enabling members to collaborate efficiently on various issues. This ensures that legislative committees can function smoothly even when members are geographically dispersed.

4.Live Streaming: One of the project’s highlights is the live streaming of assembly sessions. Citizens can now watch debates, discussions, and decision-making processes in real-time, fostering greater transparency and accountability.

5.Public Engagement: NeVA also facilitates public engagement through its portal. Citizens can access legislative documents, track bills, and even participate in public consultations. This empowers the public to be more informed and involved in the legislative process.

Benefits of NeVA Digital House Project

1.Transparency: By making legislative proceedings and documents easily accessible to the public, NeVA promotes transparency in governance. Citizens can now hold their representatives accountable more effectively.

2.Efficiency: Digitalization reduces paperwork and manual processes, leading to increased efficiency within the legislative assembly. Members can access information swiftly, enhancing productivity.

3.Environmental Impact: The reduction in paper usage and the transition to electronic communication contribute to a greener environment by minimizing paper waste.

4.Accessibility: NeVA ensures that legislative information is available to all, breaking down barriers and making democracy more inclusive.

5.Historical Preservation: The digitization of legislative records safeguards the historical record for future generations and researchers.

The NeVA Digital House project launched by President Droupadi Murmu marks a significant milestone in Gujarat’s journey towards a more transparent and efficient legislative process. By harnessing the power of technology to digitize proceedings, documents, and communication, this initiative has the potential to set a benchmark for other states in India.

In an era where technology can be a powerful tool for good governance, the NeVA Digital House project paves the way for a more informed, engaged, and accountable democracy in Gujarat. As it continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, it holds the promise of transforming the way legislative bodies function across the nation.


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