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Trunicle is starting a new segment on book reviews – “Peek A Book” ! In an effort to encourage valuable reading and powerful writing we pick up books that we feel might add value to readers. Going a step further, we would try to bring the authors on the platform to share their perspective and vision in a one on one chat. It will give an opportunity to the audience to know the author up close and personal .

The book we review first is India Positive Citizen…by Savita Rao !

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country “… This book justifies this quote to the last word. The book is a simple call to a billion citizens to do one good deed a week…52 deeds a year ! The author has lucidly compiled 52 anecdotes of people from all walks of life in different chapters to make the concept seem plausible.

In a very optimist streak the author makes a call “to err on the side of goodness” be it a simple act of keeping tea and biscuits for the staff to a larger scale Radha Surabhi Gaushala founded by Friederike Irina Bruning in Mathura….the book takes the readers to a plethora of inspirational gestures.Initiatives like ” Chal Rang De ” where 750 volunteers came together to paint Asalpha Hillock in Mumbai, ” Neki ki Deewar” created by various Railway stations to donate items that can be taken away by needy, the book honours efforts from all walks. The book is interspersed with various exemplary initiatives Savitha Rao herself has taken. From inspiring people to make occassions an opportunity to start being a positive citizen…to relentlessly pursuing the installing of a traffic light…there is an opportunity everywhere. There is a 85 year old Abid Surti trying to save every drop of water …a 80 year old K Kamalathal serving 1000 idlis everyday at Rs 1…16 year old Jadav Peyang who started planting a sapling a day in 1979 to transform a barren sandbar to a lush green forest !

“What’s your forest ?” asks the author….let the question play on your mind, let the children read this book and let them discover their forest ! The book is structured more like a journal, the stories are short, the language is clean and simple and it’s an easy read for all age groups. Each chapter has a Post Script and blank page follows for the readers to write their own thoughts, almost like co authoring the book.
The book cover is designed for reader to write his / her name, like a pledge, this is a world first. The book has numerous suggestion for people from all walks of life and lists various organizations where contributions can be made. Its a book that is written with a purpose to make a difference. Savitha Rao, who has received a mention in Mann ki Baat of PM Modi and has also received a letter of appreciation from the PMO clearly aims to inspire people to make the the nation and society a better place to live !


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