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Pawar mocks Modi Govt and Ram Bhakts – “Will Corona Virus go away by building Ram Mandir?”


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Nationalist Congress Party Leader Sharad Pawar mocked Modi Government and Ram Bhakts, suggested that “they should pay more attention” to corona virus and the economy hit by the lock down. He went a step ahead and alleged that “some people might think that corona will go away after a temple is built”. He was attacking the Central Government with this jibe.

As we all know, Ram Mandir Trust met to set a date for the beginning of the construction. The tentative date for the groundbreaking ceremony could be either on August 3 or 5 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been invited to attend the ceremony.

After decades long legal battle, Supreme court decided in favor of Ram Janmbhoomi and allowed the construction of Ram Mandir. PM Modi had announced the formation of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshetra Trust in February this year, however the plans for temple building were delayed by the sudden outbreak of corona virus.

Sharad Pawar added further that “We always think about what should be prioritized. As of now, our priority is to help those infected with corona virus recover. Some people think that corona virus will go away after temple is constructed. That’s why they would have organised the programme.

The opposition, especially the Congress, NCP and Shivsena have repeatedly accused the Modi Government of not doing enough to help the country cope with the outbreak and ruing the economy to ground during the lock down.

PM Modi was even ridiculed for his initiative of lighting lamps and clanging utensils, appreciating Corona Warriors in the early days of lock down.

Sharad Pawar tends not to follow what he preaches

Sharad Pawar was quick enough to jump the gun and mock the Central Government of not doing enough to fight against Corona Virus, however he conveniently forgotten that it’s the Maharashtra, which is the worst impacted state, ruled by him own Government. I mean we can say that its Pawar who calls the shots, whereas Uddhav is just a mask to fool the public.

Pawar should better focus on his State and his Government. Maharashtra on Sunday reported its highest ever increase in new Covid-19 cases at 9518 taking the state’s tally to 3,10,455. Active cases in the state are at 1,28,730 and total patients discharged so far are 1,69,569. State’s death tally due to Covid-19 is at 11854.

As per the Professor Shamika Ravi, Maharashtra comprises 28% of all-India cases. With daily ~8000 new cases, Maharashtra has 33% of all active cases in India. It has been, and remains, India’s worst hotspot state, and unfortunately there is no credible efforts by Maharashtra Government for controlling this menace.

Why targeting Ram Mandir?

We failed to understand that why every so called ‘Secular‘ leader tends to target the Ram Mandir for no reason. Ram Mandir has no connection with any calamity our Nation or this World is going through. It is a matter of Hindu’s belief and they were fighting for their just right for several hundred years. After several decades long legal battle, finally we are about to get Ram Mandir, that too with no Government money, the funding will be generated by the Public.

Still few people are unable to digest that such a long pending issue could be resolved. They never hesitate to mock and humiliate the ‘Ram Bhakts’ and shun their feelings associated with their ‘Ram Lala’ and ‘Ram Janmbhoomi’. Seems they are more concerned about their ‘Secular’ vote bank, thats why they tend to show their verbal diarrhea every now and then.

In our opinion, such leader should better keep their focus on their responsibilities, which their voters have given them. Central Government is fulfilling their agenda and promises, for which Public has given them consecutive mandate. So, Mr. Pawar, rather than mocking others, please work for your own voters, who actually didn’t give you mandate to rule Maharashtra, you stole the mandate and became the hidden ruler. Maharashtra is suffering the worst, its better if you serve the people, rather than making sensational statements to prove your existence.



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