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Pakistan-Qatar-Turkey and Muslim Brotherhood join hands to start an EVIL PROPAGANDA #BoycottIndianProducts against India


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India is making some giant strides in the World with its exceptional diplomatic efforts and it is among the very few nations, which have gained massive traction among every power center in the world, be it the USA or Russia, or even China. India is getting way more important than before, and is being included in almost every new power group, be it Quad, G20, G8 group of Nations.

Well, as India’s global stature is rising, there are few Nations, which are feeling jealous as well. We have seen some discontent efforts from few Islamic nations like Pakistan, Malaysia, and Turkey, which tried to make some noise against India, tried to influence World powers against India, and even spread some nefarious propaganda campaigns against India, but fortunately, all were in vain.

Pakistan has got a couple of allies in its relentless fight against India. Now Qatar-Turkey-Pakistan and Muslim Brotherhood have joined hands and become the new hub for radical Islamists and their constant tirade against India and Hindus. In a recent report by Disinfolab, it has been revealed that Muslim Brotherhood has influenced the famous media houses Al Jazeera and TRT World to launch a nefarious campaign against India, especially targeting the economic interests of India.

Tweet Source – Dis InfoLab

These countries and Media houses have launched a hashtag on Twitter #BoycottIndianProducts and #IndiaIsKillingMuslims a few days ago, and it has been going on since. All this started when this nexus tried to give a communal color to an unfortunate incident in Assam, where a Muslim was at the receiving end. The crime was deplorable and law enforcement agencies are taking the action against the guilty.

But these nations have taken that incident as an excuse and called for a boycott of Indian products as a means to teach India a stern lesson. The call for the ban has been brought about, citing atrocities committed against Muslims in India. it has been propagated that Muslims are not safe in India and their lives are at stake.

While #BoycottIndianProducts and #IndiaIsKillingMuslims felt like an angry reaction to a condemnable and unfortunate incident in India, but apparently this trend has lost its sheen gradually.

The report also claims that the actual target of this smear campaign was Saudi Arabia and its Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. Both Saudi and Crown Prince are known for maintaining strong and cordial relations with India and Indian Prime Minister PM respectively.

It said Pakistan along with Qatar and Turkey are targeting Saudi for “control of the Islamic world”. It said a similar campaign was launched against France as well so the “nexus” takes center stage in the Islamic world to “create an exclusionary economy of gigantic proportions”.

Pakistan has also threatened to create a separate group of Islamic countries with the help of Turkey and Malaysia. It also vowed to start an Islamic News channel, however, it never happened due to obvious reasons.

How News Channels are propagating hatred against India

You may be shocked to know that all the portals of the Al Jazeera News channel are indulged in the promotion of anti-Indian content with the help of various handles. Al Jazeera’s perspective towards India has been extremely rigid and biased in nature and it has a long history of spreading fake news against India.

Al Jazeera is a habitual offender as far as using the wrong map of India is concerned, it shows Jammu and Kashmir as a part of Pakistan. Most of the media houses and neutral platforms use the United Nations maps, but Al Jazeera never shies away from showing its biased against India.

Al Jazeera doesn’t show Lakshadweep and Andaman Islands as an integral part of India, the shocking thing is that these territories are not disputed at all.

Another media house that is running anti-Indian propaganda is TRT World. It is a Turkish Government-owned public broadcaster, and it is known for its aggressive stance in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood. TRT World is aggressively fanning the hatred against India and promoting the campaign of #BoycottIndianProducts.

Well, in the end, all we can say is that come what may, these nations can not do any wrong with India or Indian interests, as their credibility is next to negligible. India, on the other hand, is gaining massive acceptance and popularity on the global stage, and such propaganda are not going to impact its image now.


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