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Now, chorus for CBI probe for the Palghar lynching case grows after Supreme Court ordered CBI to investigate botched up Sushant Singh Death case..


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How would common citizens get justice when protectors turns into perpetrators? The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and mother of late Sadhu Sushil Giri Maharaj demanded a CBI investigation in the Palghar Sadhu lynching case, as their only ‘hope for justice’ is CBI.

The protectors, Palghar Police turned into
perpetrators when they had handed over Kalpavrukshagiri Maharaj (70) and Sushilgiri Maharaj (35) along with their driver Nilesh Telgade (30) to bloodthirsty mob to butcher them on the night of 16 April. The harrowing and heart rending scenes—in which two innocent and frail Bhagwa clad Sadhus and their driver were brutally mob lynched is still hounding psyche of India.

When India was eagerly waiting for justice for Sadhus and their driver, Palghar Police didn’t even find it necessary to file chargesheet against the perpetrators in the specified 90 days, hence the local court in Palghar granted default bail to 28 accused on 10 August in cold blooded mob lynching. A total of 154 people had been arrested by the police in the case.

Maharashtra government botched up Palghar Sadhus lynching case deliberately the way they bungled Sushant Singh Death case purposely, hence Supreme Court ordered CBI to investigate Sushant Singh Death Case. Now Supreme Court has given hope to the citizens, who are campaigning for #JusticeForSadhus. The Supreme Court has already asked the Maharashtra government to place on record details of the inquiry against police personnel in the Palghar Sadhu lynching case.

Times Now reported that ghastly lynching of the two Sadhus and their driver was a political and a religious issue. Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, when he visited Gadhchinchli, was accompanied by Kashinath Chaudhary, a district panchayat member, who was seen at crime scene in the viral video twice, when two hapless Sadhus and their driver were inhumanly lynched. Why was Maharashtra Home Minister, Anil Deshmukh received by Kashinath Chaudhary, the alleged criminal of mob lynching of Sadhus?

Present Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh, who was given the top job in Mumbai, was also involved in the investigations of the Malegaon blasts case in which Sadhvi Pragya Singh and Lt Col Prasad Purohit had been implicated. The then ATS chief, Param Bir Singh, in 2008, was blue eyed boy of the then government, who built fake Hindu terror narrative.

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur claimed that she was illegally arrested by the ATS from Surat on 10 October 2008 and taken to Mumbai. She says that she was subjected to extreme torture by the Mumbai ATS to make her agree to her role in ‘saffron terror’. She further explains her horror story how she was in jail for nine years and she got no chance to express her side. Her arrest in 2008 was a part of a larger conspiracy hatched by the Congress in 2008.

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur further explained that how inhumanly she was hung upside down, and they kept on beating her until she fainted. The police wanted her to confess something that she did not do. Male officers tortured a female brutally while in the illegal detention. Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur named Suvarna Shinde, Hemant Karkare, and Param Bir Singh as officers who kept on beating her mercilessly.

In 2008, a Sadhvi and Col Purohit were brutally tortured to build ‘Hindu Terror Narrative,’ which never existed. In 2020 two frail Sadhus with their driver were handed over by the police to blood thirsty mob to butcher them. And the present government shows no desire to punish the culprit.

Can Mumbai Police, which has chief like Param Bir Singh, be trusted that they would ever seek justice for Sadhus lynching in Palghar? Isn’t CBI the last hope for Justice for Sadhus lynched in Palghar?


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