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Nishant Rathore, a third-year student found dead on Railway tracks in Raisen (Madhya Pradesh), ‘sar tan se Zuda’ surfaces again…


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After Udaipur’s and many similar killings, one more is recorded on Monday July 25th in Raisen district, Madhya Pradesh.  Nishant Rathore was found dead on railway tracks with his scooty and mobile phones lying beside him.

On july 24th before his death, the threat was sent from his phone to his father’s and friend’s phone, ‘Gustakh-e-Nabi ki ek hi saza, Sar Tan Se Juda’. This slogan is blatantly pointing at similarities in Udaipur where the same slogan was chanted by the muslim killers who beheaded the tailor in broad daylight and later shot the video of the crime.

slogan on Nishant's father phone

Immediately on Sunday after reading the message, his father Uma Shankar Rathore, tried to trace Nishant.

According to the time stamps and chain of events, first Nishant had left to meet his elder sister who had come to the city to appear in an examination at a centre in Saket Nagar.

A couple of hours later, Nishant’s father and friends received the text saying “Gustakh-e-Nabi ki Ek hi Saza, sar tan se juda”. Something unpleasant was sensed by his father made him call his son’s phone but left unanswered. After wasted efforts of tracing the Nishant, they filed a missing person complaint in TT Nagar police station.

Few hours later, police found a body in connection with the identification given by the family of Nishant. His wallet, phone were lying next to his body informed Bhopal police.

As per the procedure, the post-mortem was conducted in AIIMS Bhopal on Monday afternoon. According to the Inspector In General of Police, Narmadapuram range, Deepak Suri, the cause of death was due to impact of moving train.

The message and the slogan was also uploaded on Nishant’s Instagram along with the message that was sent to his father.

Multiple murders have been seen so far in the name of “Gustakh-e-Nabi ki ek saza, sar tan se zuda”, this social media message threat is not seeming to be stopped in near future. However, the steep rise has seen recently from Nupur Sharma’s incident. And in connection with that, whoever came in support within their rights were brutally murdered.

Though, the investigation is yet to be done. The connection of the message sent and post displayed on Instagram is on the investigation.


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