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New York Conference on Asian Studies 2022 – Another attempt to ‘Stigmatize’ Hindus and Hindutva?


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If you observe the recent developments going on in the international arena, you will find that continuous efforts are being made to tarnish India and Hindutva. And these efforts are being made with the cooperation of liberal-secular, communist, and Islamic cabal, which have been duly supported by the local citizens as well.

In the last two decades, especially after the riots in Gujarat, there was an attempt to describe Hindutva as an aggressive religion. A perception was created as if Hindus are not inclusive, they did not want to co-exist with people of other religions and religions, which culminated in the Gujarat riots.

These anti-Hindutva forces coined a pseudo-propaganda called ‘Hindu terrorism’, whose only purpose was to declare Hindus as terrorists, to call them sponsors of terrorism. For this reason, eminent people like Sadhvi Pragya, Colonel Purohit, and several others were tortured for many years on false charges.

They were put in jail, with an aim of pressurizing them and forcing them to admit to their involvement in terrorist attacks. God forbid, their attempts were never fructified, otherwise, they would have an open opportunity to cast aspersions on Hindutva and Hindus and to keep our religion parallel to Islam.

After Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister in 2014, these people started propaganda in the name of ‘Intolerance‘, as if it has been made very difficult for Muslims and certain people and castes to live in India.

It was reported that the RSS and the BJP have created an extremely aggressive version of Hindutva, which does not believe in the ideology of coexistence, and attacks other religions. The culture of Hindus was described as conservative, and transmitted as invaders, while efforts were made to portray the Islamic evils who had invaded India as ‘heroes’.

These were hidden attacks, but since last year, the alliance of these secular-liberal and intellectual people has created a new strategy. They have started holding seminars in foreign universities, last year we have seen an event called “Dismantling Global Hindutva” in America. Its only purpose was to increase hatred towards Hindus all over the world. In this program, individuals and intellectuals who made very objectionable statements against Hindus and Hindutva were invited.

Very recently, we have seen the culmination of such propaganda in the United Kingdom, where radical Islamists had attacked the Hindus. If you listen to the statements of these radical Muslims, you will clearly see the impression of propaganda against Hindutva over the last few years on them. In the UK, the media and Islamic institutions have worked in tandem to spread a false story of ‘Militant Hindutva‘, to justify attacks against Hindus.

The next stop of this propaganda is the “2022 New York Conference on Asian Studies” to be held at Syracuse University in New York on October 7 and 8.

Now you will ask what is there in this seminar that can tarnish Hindutva and Hindus? You will get the answer by looking at the topics sent for contemplation in this seminar.

  • Symbol of Divinity or Deadly Weapon? Visualization of the Cow in Indian Calendar Art and Digital Media
  • Hindutva, Militarism, and Everyday Insecurity in India.
  • Buddhist Modernity Modelled after Islam
  • Religion, Hate Speech, and the Indian and Pakistani States.
Picture Source – https://www.maxwell.syr.edu/new-york-conference-on-asian-studies/conference-program

Symbol of Divinity or Deadly Weapon? Visualization of the Cow in Indian Calendar Art and Digital Media

As the name suggests, this discussion will be about demonizing the cow. The cow is revered by Hindus and holds a very important place in their dharma and karma. A common Hindu considers the cow as a member of his family, while radical Islamists work to challenge Hindus by smuggling, killing it, and eating cow meat openly.

In the last few years, Gau Sevaks or Gaur Rakshaks have also started retaliating. These anti-Hindutva elements will use such incidents to defame Hindutva and Hindus by calling their self-defensive tendency a ‘deadly weapon’.

Hindutva, Militarism, and Everyday Insecurity in India

This topic is also self-explanatory, here Hindutva is being linked to ‘Militarism’ and its effect will expose the sense of insecurity coming in the people of a ‘particular’ religion. The thing to understand here is that Hindus are basically calm, when they are constantly attacked, they are retaliated that too in self-defense, and this is what these people are calling ‘Militarism’.

But for some time now, we have seen how leftist and radical Islamic elements turn a blind eye to those who commit violence, blame those who retaliate and call them insecurity in society. We saw this in Godhra, Muzaffarnagar, in the Delhi riots, and in the UK recently. Another attempt will be made in this seminar to show Hindus as aggressive and declare them as undesirable elements of society.

Buddhist Modernity Modelled after Islam

Buddhism is considered to be an extension of Hinduism. Mahatma Buddha is also considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, both religions are based on peace and coexistence. Both Hindus and Buddhists have been living together for hundreds of years.

Now if you look at this subject, you will understand how efforts will be made to separate Buddhism from Hinduism and connect it with Islam. Somewhere behind this, you will see the contribution of the ‘Jai Bhim Jai Meem’ gang, whose only purpose is to separate Hindus and Buddhists.

For that, these people will spread false propaganda, misuse the pseudo references given by the Left, and corrupt historians to show that Buddhism and Islam are related, and somewhere the modern form of Buddhism is influenced by Islam. It may not matter to you, but a pseudo message will go to the people, and those who want to show themselves separate from Hindutva will definitely be influenced.

Religion, Hate Speech, and the Indian and Pakistani States

There will be an attempt to keep India and Pakistan in the same bed on this subject. Minorities in India are given all rights and this is seen in society, administration, and all other fields. But through this seminar, it is also possible that India should be described as a bad country for minorities, it is also possible that Hindus should be described as an intolerant society by highlighting some legal and illegal incidents that have happened in India in the past.

On the other hand, Pakistan, where there are no rights for minorities, and where minorities have been facing racial violence for the last 70 years, will be compared with India. It will not benefit or harm Pakistan, what will happen will be to India, because a secular country will be seen as associated with an Islamic country, and as proxy propaganda, it will also be circulated all over the world.

The only purpose of writing this article is to make you aware of such conspiracies, which are aimed at tarnishing Hindus and Hindutva. We want you to also read about this seminar, understand the propaganda of leftists and radical Islamic elements and also strongly counter them.


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