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Nepal: The decline of a Hindu Rashtra

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The Kingdom of Nepal, otherwise called the Kingdom of Gorkha or Asal Hindusthan (Real Land of Hindus), was a Hindu realm on the Indian subcontinent, shaped in 1768, by the unification of Nepal. It was founded by King Prithvi Narayan Shah, a Gorkhali ruler of Rajput root from middle age India, it existed for a very long time until the abrogation of the Nepalese government in 2008 and taken over by communist. Nepal has only been the nation all around the world, where communist came to power by election, on other hand everywhere communist always believed in idea that “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” which was quoted and promoted by Mao Tse Tung.
Numerous news sources and paper, in a roundabout way attempts to censure the dissent in Nepal for authorizing it has Hindu Nation again constituently, however such story developers neglect to denounce the decimation done by Pakistan and its military in 1971 in Bangladesh (Then east Pakistan), inconvenience Rohingyas made in Myanmar (Burma), and keeps it doing in India, such sources don’t make their voice against slaughtering of common freedoms for Uighur Muslim in China.
A large portion of the story developers befuddle the Nepal being a Hindu country with an idea of religious state, in states with religious government god of some kind is perceived as the incomparable decision authority, giving awesome direction to human mediators that deal with the everyday undertakings of the public authority. Also, individuals of Nepal need to authorize Hindu Rastra in constitution as a type of social ethos, which as of now permits the public authority to be mainstream and practice opportunity of religion, and not on the bases of religious chiefs. Nonetheless, numerous religious states exist in type of Christian states and Islamic republic, in which overall countries are wealthy. Notwithstanding, such news sources should take in to see that there are Islamic republics on the globe which don’t advance secularism and aggrieve minorities on the strict bases.
Furthermore, a considerable lot of the Hindu siblings and sister should not be thinking about the circumstance in Nepal, since they may be occupied in pointless things. Hindus never ascend and represent their siblings and sister in various pieces of the world, where they are being abused, where there battling for their lost personality and history. Each Hindu should wakeful and be joined it’s far. In addition, India and Indians should gain from Nepal how to battle for your personality, how to support your way of life and legacy and need not stress over phony secularism which remains on one side of the shore.

Author : Parth Patel, student of Engineering & Political science.Intrested in political analysis with a touch of Nationalism

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