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Navagrahas and their dhanya(food)

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All forms of nature are believed to interact and influence one another, be they are of this earth, or of space. This interaction and influence are often reflected in the linking of cosmic influences of planets and stars to life forms on earth. The Navadhanyas (or the nine seeds) and their respective Navagrahas (nine cosmic influences) are:


Ravi: This is the day of Sun God. Sun is the symbol of fire. He likes red items very much.

His favorite items: Gur, red pulses, Kesar (saffron), Chandan, wheat, red fruits, red sweetmeats, red clothes, etc.

Benefits: Longevity increases by keeping the sun God happy and in good humor. The blessings of the father are always showering. Head related complications are removed.


Som ie Chandrama, Moon likes white items very much Donate white items on Mondays Bad omen will be warded off Good omen will be showered on you

Favorite food items: Rice milk curd ghee salt suji white sweetmeats sugar cashew nuts radishes and white clothes etc

Benefits: One becomes at peace with himself at last after offering the items favorite to Chandra Cough relating diseases get cured of .


Mangal: The God of Mangal is Hanuman Ji., He is very short-tempered Therefore donate red items this day The ill shadows of Mangalic Dasha will end

Favorite food items: Red masoor daal red lentil pulses Gur jaggery pomegranates and all other red fruits etc Wearing red clothes and feeding gur chana to cows makes Hanumat Veera pleased in this day

Benefits: Headache and blood-related complications are warded off Peace ascends in the family life


Budh: This the day of Budha God He likes green items and is donated to ward off the evil effects of Budh.

Favorite food items: Green moong split green gram torai ghia parwal pointed gourd pumpkin green fruits, green sweetmeats.

Benefits: Mental disorders are cured off from donating green items to God Budha.


Brihaspati: Brihaspati i.e. the day of Guruvar is the day of Brihaspati. Brihaspati God likes yellow food items. Therefore yellow items are donated to him on this day.

Favorite food items: Yellow laddu, chana daal, Gur, , yellow fruits and sweets, yellow dresses.

Benefits: By donating yellow items, kidney, bile etc remain intact and disease-free. Conjugal life turns happy.


Shukra: Shukravar is supposed to be the day of the God of ghouls and ogre Shukracharya whose favorite food items are white-colored.

Favorite food items: Rice, sugar, suji, white sweetmeats, white fruits, white dress etc.

Benefits: Shukra is the God who bestows happiness. Life becomes full of comforts by pleasing him. Conjugal life remains happy.


Shani: Shanivar is the day of Sahni God. His favorite items are black items. His blessing could be had by donating black items.

Favorite items: Black urad, mustard oil, gur, black til, black flowers, black fruits, black sweetmeats, black chana, satnaza, black clothes, etc.

Benefits: Shani God has the power of making a beggar a king and a king a beggar. If he will be pleased, your enemies would automatically be destroyed. He cures all physical ailments.


Rahu-Ketu: Amongst all the Navgrahas, Rahu and Ketu are both supposed to be the shadow- grahas, meaning thereby, where one goes the other also follows. They both move together. They like black items.

Favorite items: Black urad, black til, black soap, black sweets, black clothes and satnaza.

Benefits: Keep Rahu-Ketu pleased and remain healthy and wealthy for good.


Foods dear to different Gods:

1 Ganpati: The dear food item of Ganpati is laddu modak
2 Shiva: Bholey Baba likes bhang hemp leaves dhathura akman leaves thandhai and white items
3 Lord Vishnu: Lord Vishnu likes amla gooseberries very much
4 Srikrishna: Srikrishna`s favorite food items are butter mishri candy milk and curd
5 Hanuman: Gur jaggery gram and bananas are very dear to Hanuman Ji
6 Bhairon Bawa: urad black gram or items made up with urad such as jalebi are very close to the heart of Bhairon

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