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Namaz in a Lucknow government school Shikshamitra Mamta Mishra, Tehzeeb Fatima, and the in-charge, Meera Yadav, have been disciplined by the department.


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In a government school in Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, it was discovered that female students were being taught the Namaz. Three employees have been found guilty in this case’s departmental investigation. Meera Yadav, the principal’s assistant, was expelled. Shikshamitra Mamta Mishra and Tehzeeb Fatima, two assistant teachers, have been given departmental action orders. An online video of this occurrence also became viral on Saturday, October 21, 2023. Hindu organizations have voiced their displeasure and sought stern punishment for the culprits in this case.


The incident occurred near the Thakurganj police station neighborhood in Lucknow, according to media reports. On Napier Road, there is a public elementary school where roughly 106 children attend classes. The area around the school is diverse. Furthermore, it is asserted that the institution has a sizable Muslim student population. A video from here began trending on social media on Saturday. Some female pupils wearing a hijab may be seen near a wall in the popular video. She can be seen performing namaz while standing still.


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