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Muslim side created ruckus over construction of boundary of Chamunda Mata temple.


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The serene district of Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh has recently been engulfed in an unfortunate episode of communal discord, stemming from a dispute over the construction of a temple boundary. What initially began as a disagreement has regrettably escalated, leading to communal tension and disturbances within the community.

According to media reports, the matter is of Mudhapande police station area of ​​Moradabad. There is a temple of Mata Chamunda Devi in ​​Ronda here, which is a symbol of the faith of the surrounding Hindus. The boundary wall of the temple is dilapidated, devotees have been trying to get it repaired for a long time. On 25 November 2023, when the construction work of the boundary wall was going on, the Muslim side came and started protesting. Then the police reached the spot and stopped the construction work.

Meanwhile, on 19 December 2023 (Tuesday), the construction work of the boundary wall of the temple was started once again. During this time too, people from the Muslim side gathered there. He opposed the construction. Muslim women were also included among those who protested. If the construction of the temple was not stopped, he announced to start construction at his religious place. After this the situation became tense. After this the police reached the spot.

Reports indicate that two communities found themselves at loggerheads concerning the construction of the temple boundary. The situation deteriorated to the extent where confrontations arose, culminating in the hurling of stones at law enforcement officials who were attempting to diffuse the escalating tensions. The police, in response, have taken strict action, registering a First Information Report (FIR) against 34 individuals, including Abdullah and Rahees, while apprehending five individuals believed to be involved in the incident.

The alarming escalation has prompted the authorities to take preventive measures by deploying additional forces in the affected area. This precautionary step aims to prevent any further deterioration of the situation and maintain peace and order within the community.


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