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Munawar Farooqui show cancelled again, Hindus united by boycott culture


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Stand-up comedian Munawwar Farooqui’s show has been cancelled once again. The show was scheduled to take place in Bangalore today. The police cancelled the show saying that the organizers had not taken the necessary permissions for it.

This is the second time in a row that Farooqui’s show has been cancelled in Bengaluru. It is worth noting that this stand-up comedian was jailed for nearly a month for a show in Indore, Madhya Pradesh earlier this year.

The cancelled show is the result of perpetual poke around of hindu sentiments. On many occasions the comedian asked about his remarks on Hindu Gods and he seemed to be unapologetic for his statements. Farooqui was hell bent on defaming the government as well.

The cascading effect is now appear to disregard every act that disturbs the hindu sentiments. The insults particularly to hindu practices were not uncommon earlier. The pattern was similar and repetitive in almost every medium of expression but now the slap of agitation on the makers and directors of such shows and movies is apparent.

Earlier, Lal Singh Chaddha flopped on box office due to the actor’s selective criticism against Hinduism. The pattern was continuous and unstoppable until hindus held their voice together against such substandard content. These contents and shows were aired for the purpose of targeting the hindu community to despise their own culture.

Significantly, Farooqui has been accused of inciting religious sentiments during his show. Due to this his shows are being canceled in different cities. Once, 12 of his shows were canceled within just two months. It is said that Farooqui’s show named ‘Dongri to Know Where’ was going to be held at the MNR Convention Hall in JP Nagar, Bangalore.

However, there are also apprehensions that the show has been canceled in view of law and order. According to the information, an organization named Jai Shri Ram Sena had lodged a complaint with the top police officer of Bangalore, Pratap Reddy, regarding Farooqui. It was alleged that this comedian incites religious sentiments by commenting on Lord Ram and Sita.


  1. This sort of denigrating Hindu rigion and Hindus are going on eversince Independence and none of the govts so far has courage to take action against them . But people like Nupur Sharma says something against Islam immediate action is taken.I think BJP is also sailing in the same boat like so called secular parties for vote bank politics.


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