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Mohammad Razi raped & impregnated a 15-yr-old minor girl in his neighborhood.


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For several months, a 15-year-old girl was sexually abused by Mohammad Razi. After the girl became pregnant and gave birth to a 20-day-old kid, Mohammad Razi refused to acknowledge both the mother and the child.

The victim claimed that the accused forced them to have intercourse by taking advantage of her lack of resources and powerlessness. In addition, he recorded the incident on camera, which he utilized to intimidate the victim. He threatened to make the video viral as a form of blackmail to get her to have a sexual relationship with him. For several months, he had sex with her under the guise of getting married. The girl was beaten by Muhammad Razi whenever she objected.

The girl’s father works in Punjab, and the girl, along with her mother, supports herself by working in people’s homes doing odd jobs like sweeping, mopping, and washing utensils. Taking advantage of her poverty, Mohammad Razi sexually exploited her, and when she reached his house with the 20-day-old child, he and his family members refused to accept her and said that he was going to marry some other girl. The victim is demanding justice from the police.


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