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Mohammad Mazhar trapped a Hindu woman by pretending to be Rahul pressured to accept islam.


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According to media reports, the Sitapur woman was having a dispute with her husband. The woman came to Lucknow a few months ago and started living in Madiyav area. While searching for a room on rent here, he met Mohammad Hasan, a petrol pump employee.

In a shocking case of love jihad in Lucknow, a Muslim youth named Mohammad Mazhar posed as a Hindu named Rahul to lure a married Hindu girl into his love trap, record her obscene videos, and use it to blackmail and rape her multiple times. The accused had drugged the victim before raping her and recording the act.

Under the applicable laws, the police have filed a complaint against the accused Muhammad Mazhar, his brother-in-law, and a friend. The incident is still being investigated, and the accused has been taken into custody.


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