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Minorities Rights have been prioritized over Hindu’s Rights


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On the occasion of Janmashtami, Sheikh Hasina’s comment to Bangladeshi Hindus, You have the same rights as I have’. Ironically, the population of Hindus in Bangladesh is on a steady wane as it has been decreased by 75 lakhs. Whereas, in the past 50 years, population have recorded double and Hindus population have dropped with a significant figure.

Political leaders, social scientists, leaders of the Hindu community and researchers are more or less in consensus that outward migration is the main reason of the decrease in Hindu population. There is a historical trend behind this exodus.

Professor Abul Barakat of Dhaka University’s department of economics has been researching for over three decades on the economic, social and political reasons behind the minorities leaving the country.

Speaking to this correspondent, he said, “No one wants to leave their own motherland, their own hearth and home, to go to another country. It is because of persecution that the Hindus are leaving Bangladesh and that their numbers are fast decreasing.

“Many of them have lost everything due to the Enemy (Vested) Property Act and have left the country. This has mostly happened among the weaker Hindus in the villages. There are more reasons.”

In the latest spate of events, many Hindu puja mandaps and temples were destroyed, and Hindu homes and business establishments were set on fire after the incident of the Holy Quran being desecrated during Durga Puja this year. Several deaths occurred too.

Considering the facts, its wretched ignorance of a political leader to console with a community who has suffered globally. It has not completely forgotten about the incident of Durga Puja in Bangladesh where Hindus are compelled to stay inside and not to profess their belief. Although, the Human Rights Activist throttle the media dedicatedly for Hindus.

As globalisation proceed further, the wave of social justification and forming opinion on that basis is growing rapidly. As the rights of minority phrase is considered to be seductive and woke. Thereupon, the collective conscience do not wish to articulate the tyranny of this marginalised population of Hindu community.

The personal rights given to Muslims or to any minority community for the matter of fact is directly in violation of fundamental rights and cultural rights of India. Yet, India manages to survive the demand of every single citizen.

Indian constitution guarantees to protect rights of minorities but no machinery is in charge to protect the majority who has become minority in the country. The moment announcement of CAA was made a media diaspora involved in discerning its discrepancy to the constitution. After, perpetual efforts to find the issue, they had to settle with their archaic modus operandi and called it anti-muslim.

Yet, the solution to every disagreement lies in discourse but the leaders however, ignored and put forth their malice to sever the nation in pieces. Many universities and their political leaders came forward to promote violence. Due to firm leadership and administration, their efforts went vain.

No evidence is needed to let the world know of every riot engineered to massacre Hindu community both mentally and physically. India have been dismantling every narrative thrown at it by making revelations. Being a democratic country, the nation has always introduced policies to support every community. And also expects other nation to progress the hindu community in the same manner. The statistics shows the truth of population and treatments in the neighbouring nations.

Comparing India and Bangladesh on the ground of, ‘treating specific community’ will be unjustified to India since india has always been welcoming towards every community. Whereas, Bangladesh and its interference can be seen in West Bengal.


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