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Many asked why so much buzz about Nandigram?


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The election result of Nandigram will decide the future of Bangladesh , Assam , West Bengal and Hindu Bengalis

How? Moslems in India want to expand Islamic land in Indian subcontinent. They successfully converted Pakistan and Bangladesh as 100% Islamic. Now they fixed their target to other parts of Indian subcontinent. Partially they succeeded in Kashmir , Kerala , West UP , Assam and West Bengal.

Nothing moves without money. Moslems successfully created a fund in last 70 years. They call it ZAKAT foundation. They use this money to win over non-moslems at every flash point , whether it is political , social , administrative or judicial. Whenever a moslem takes a fight against any non-moslems , Zakat Foundation supports him to make it a win for islamic cause.

One example, how one lower middle-class moslem from Kerala spent 86 lakhs as legal fees at supreme court to declare his NIKAH to a Hindu girl as valid. Zakat successfully spread a message to all moslems , Money is not a factor if you stand against Hindu for any reason.

Zakat foundation use their funds to place Moslems at top administrative position. It also uses this fund to place Moslems as IAS , IPS and judicial service through corrupt system. In plain language , @5 crore to give appointment letter to a Moslem to join as IAS / IPS / Judicial service. 90% moslems who got recruited as IAS / IPS got enrolled through corrupt system of India

This Zakat foundation spends @100 crore to purchase land in West Bengal within 10 km of Bangladesh border. This can’t be possible unless they have a friendly Chief Minister in West Bengal. Today no Hindu is the owner of any land which is within 10 km from Bangladesh border in West Bengal. This may sound big, but it is not big enough for Islamic aspiration.

All of these achieved by ZAKAT FOUNDATION will give shape to a sustainable Islamic dream only when they are able to control Education system of West Bengal completely. Today Moslems control 50% of West Bengal education system , thanks to Mamta who handed over primary education system to Moslems , who replaced every RAM word from every corner of Books given at Primary school. Moslems also successfully inserted Arabic and Persian words in all government education system in west bengal. Uncle is called as KAKA in west bengal , but now Government institution teach FUFA and not KAKA as uncle and FUFI not KAKI as aunt in government institution.

Defeat of Mamta at Nandigram will not only give a big blow to moral of Moslems in west bengal , it also expose those hidden activities they were conducting under protection of MAMTA for last 10 years. Sleeping Hindus will wake up and economic blockage to Islamic aspiration will be a reality. Any flow of Zakat money will be choked out. Madarsas , they shelter for Jihadists will be shut down. A pseudo-islamic government will crush along with 30 years of Hard Work.

Hindus do not have ability to sense danger like Moslems. They understand the reality only when knife touches their windpipe. Defeat of Mamta in Nandigram will bring a temporary relief to Hindus from dedicated , well-funded Islamic aspirations for now. This will temporarily suspend Greater Bangladesh aspiration. This will directly affect Islamic groups in Assam.

Why Nandigram is so important. Why PM. Modi , Amit Shah , and other top BJP leadership took so much time to make Nandigram a success for Hinduism and a defeat of Islamic aspiration and conspiracy.


  1. The enemies within like Mamta Banerjee, Italian Bar dancer and her family, Anti-national, anti-Hindu Congress, AAP, LDF & UDF who support PFI which is a terrorist outfit. All these internal enemies have to be decimated.


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