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Kolhapur-based businessman Lalit Gandhi used an auspicious opportunity of his daughter’s wedding in Goa on Wednesday to support the Farm Acts passed by the Central government.


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Since Farm Bill passed by the Central government is to benefit farmers, hence it is duty of every responsible citizen to support it. What can be better occasion than an auspicious marriage congregation to explain it in detail!

Kolhapur-based businessman Lalit Gandhi utilised his daughter’s wedding in Goa on 23 December to highlight the Farm Act. Lalit Gandhi, who is from Kolhapur, owns various business across India, specially in Maharashtra.

When wedding ceremony of his second daughter was going on in a five-star resort in South Goa, on Wednesday on 23 December, he drew attention of his guests for half an hour to clear the misunderstanding, which is being spread by vested interest in New Delhi protest, about the Bill.

For reporters, it came as a pleasant surprise when Gandhi told them that his daughter’s marriage on 23 December is also significant because it is also “National Farmers’ Day.”

He further explained that marriage congregation of his daughter included like minded people, hence clearing the misconceptions about Farmer’s Law was the right thing at right time among right people.

“It is not less than revolutionary changes through new Farm Bill for the development of farmers by initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” said Gandhi, who heads Lalit Gandhi group. He has also shown interest in farming sector.

Gandhi has been committed to increase the income of farmers in traditional ways besides traditional farming for the last 30 years through various regional and national organisations. At the same time, he has been motivating the younger generation of farmers via same process of industries.


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