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Khalistanis humiliate origin of Sikhism by abusing Hindus, insult their Gurus by joining hands with Islamists, who beheaded their Gurus.


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If a man turns out to be corrupt, immoral and degenerate, he can abuse his mother, humiliate his teacher and join hands with nation’s enemy to bleed his own people. When such immoral men gang up, they are called Khalistanis. 

इनकी औरतें टके टके के भाव बिकती थी, हमने इनकी औरतों को बचाया है, ये हिन्दु ग़द्दार हैं, हज़ार साल मुग़लों की ग़ुलामी की—which means their women were sold for two pennies, we have saved their women, the Hindus, who had been slave of Mughals for 1000 years, have betrayed us, don’t trust Gujratis like Modi and Shah. The heap of abuses came from none other than Yograj Singh, father of ex cricketer, Yuvraj Singh, when he gave speech in farmer protests in Delhi, against the Farm Bills, which was recently passed in the parliament. Yograj Singh continued to vomit bucketful of venom, justifying the statement इंदिरा ठोक दी तो मोदी क्या चीज़ है, it means we killed Indira Gandhi, where does Modi stand? 

Is this farmers protest or Khalistan movement?

Is this a protesting farmers’ rally or Khalistani movement? Who are Khalistanis? 

Khalistanis are those breed, who abuses Hindus, from where Sikhism originated, but unabashedly welcome and hug the murderer of their Gurus. What can be more disgraceful creatures on the earth than Khalistanis? 

Sikhs saved Hindus and their women—Khalistanis floated this fake story to create fictitious Sikh supremacy. Is this the complete truth? India needs to walk down the history lane to find out the truth.

Since Khalistanis are walking shoulder to shoulder with their Gurus’s butchers, they must have forgotten their own history. 

Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru, formed Khalsa Panth after his father, Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Sikh Guru was brutally beheaded by Mughal barbarian Aurangzeb for refusing to convert to Islam on 24 November 1675. With a resolution to stop the fanatic conversion by Islamists, Guru Gobind Singh asked the Sikh to gather at Anandpur on Vaisakhi (harvest festival) in 1699. It is said, Guru Gobind Singh asked for volunteer to protect innocents from forced and brutal conversion. 

The five warriors, who accepted Guru Gobind Singh’s call and were ready to make supreme sacrifice to fight Islamic oppression, were Hindus. 

Dharam Das, a jat farmer. 

Daya Ram, a Khatri soldier.

Mokham Chand, a Dhobi (washermen).

Himmat Rai, a Jhir (water carrier)

And Sahib Chand was a Nai (barber).

Later, they were called PANJ PYARE by Guru Gobind Singh. 


To build Khalsa Army to fight with Islamic invaders, every Hindu family sent his eldest son. Bhai Sati Das, Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Dyal Das, who were Brahmin, sacrificed their lives to protect Sikh Guru. Pandit Kirpa Dutt, a Sarasvat Brahman helped Guru Gobind singh in his Sanskrit Studies. 

Not only PANJ PYARE and Khalsa Army were full of brave Hindus, but four Sikh Gurus were also Hindu before they took the path of Sikhism. 

Sikh religion was founded by Guru Nanak Ji, who was a spiritual thinker, philosopher and extra ordinary poet. Guru Nanak was born on 29 November 1469 in Talvandi, a place, which is now called Nankana Sahib, in the state of Punjab in present-day Pakistan. 

Before Guru Nanak Jithe first first Guru, was enlightened to form a new religion, he was a Hindu boy. His parents were Khatri by caste, whose traditional family profession was account-keeping. Thereafter, nine Gurus followed Guru Nanak and developed the Sikh faith and community during 16th and 17th century. 

Guru Angad Dev Jithe second Sikh Guru, born on 31 March 1504 in a village near Muktsar, in Punjab, was a Hindu of Khatri cast. His father, Pheru Mal was a small time trader. 

Guru Amar Das Jithe third Sikh Guru, born on 5 May 1479, was the eldest son of Tej Bhan, a farmer and trader. A religious Hindu, Guru Amar Das Ji spent most of his life as a devout Hindu before he met Guru Angad Dev.

Guru Ram Das Ji, the fourth Sikh Guru was born as Bhai Jetha on 24 September 1534 to a Hindu family in Lahore.

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara on Baba Kharag Singh Marg in Delhi was gifted by Sawai Raja Jai Singh of Amber (Jaipur), who had hosted Guru Hari Krishan, the eighth Sikh Guru. Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur saved the wives of Guru Govind Singh: Mata Sundari and Mata Devi.

Brave Hindus and Sikhs fought Islamic oppression and persecution together in the past. But, today the deprived Khalistanis joined hands with killers of their Gurus. Therefore, they are abusing Hindus from where they were originated, humiliating their own Gurus by welcoming their killers, shouting anti national slogans to bleed their own land. 

What can be more disgraceful creatures than Khalistanis on the earth? The same Khalistanis never raised their voices for innocent Sikh girls, who were forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan and Afghanistan. But, India is too liberal a country, where a Khalistani can threaten to assassin a Prime Minister and to cause bloodbath. 

Who is Yograj Singh? 

He is a polluted Sikh, who doesn’t follow even basic rule of Sikhism. He cut his hair and abandoned his turban. Hence, he doesn’t carry Kangha (a wooden comb). Does he carry Kara (a iron bracelet), Kachera (cotton underpants) and Kirpan (an iron dagger)? Irony is that such polluted Sikh jump to podium to preach Sikhism.


  1. If they want Khalistan why are they not starting their stand from Pakistan where a large part of Punjab is? Where were they when such a huge part of their land was gifted to Pakistan?


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