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Karishma Bhosale’s initiative and VHP’s combined efforts forced Maharashtra Govt to remove a Mosque’s illegal loudspeaker


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Do you remember Karishma Bhosale? A Girl from Mankhurd (Mumbai) who recently visited a local mosque to request them to lower the volume of Azaan played at the mosque. Her video went viral on social media, later she was being bullied by locals goons as well.

Adding insult to the injury, Mumbai Police has sent a notice under section 149 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), stating that it was inappropriate for her to visit the mosque directly, she should have approached the police first. As per Police, her action of going to the mosque and make a request to lower down the volume could have led to a law and order situation.

As expected, the liberal, secular, and jihadis were after her and ridiculing her on social media. However, under such a testing time, it was VHP’s (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) Women’s wing ‘Durga Vahini which remained in constant touch with Karishma and provided her all the support needed.

Now the good news is that Mumbai Police was forced to take the action against the Mosque administration and the said speaker has been removed from that location as well, which is indeed a big relief for the Hindus living in the vicinity of that mosque.

See the below picture to understand the difference made.

We would like to commend the efforts of Karishma Bhosale, who took the stand and shown an act of amazing courage to fight against this menace. On the other hand, we would like to appreciate the VHP, Durga Vahini, and above all Sh. Shriraj Nair (VHP Spokesperson and Joint Secretory) who was instrumental in this entire episode. He extended his help to ensure Karishma remains safe and at the same time he helps to put more pressure on Maharashtra Government and Mumbai police to act against the mosque administration.


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