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Joe Biden was awarded ‘Hilal-i-Pakistan’ for his ‘constant support’ to Pakistan. Will Indo-Americans vote for him?

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US Presidential elections have reached its final stage, people are waiting with bated breath and want to know who will be the next US President. As per few unconfirmed reports, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is garnering more support from the Indian diaspora. However, few facts are emerging which proves that Joe Biden is nothing but an anti-Indian propagandist who has hated the Indians all his life, but to garner votes, he is trying to appease Indo-americans these days.

You will be shocked to know that Joe Biden has been conferred with Pakistan’s second-highest civilian award Hilal-i-Pakistan in 2008. The then Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari announced this award for the then US Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden and Republican Senator Richard Lugar.

Pakistani President had awarded them the `Hilal-i-Pakistan` (Crescent of Pakistan) in recognition of their consistent support for Pakistan. Biden and Lugar introduced a bipartisan US aid plan which calls for $1.5 billion per year in non-military spending to support economic development in Pakistan.

Joe Biden was a member of the three-senator delegation that came to Pakistan to observe the parliamentary elections held on February 18, 2008. Then they call those elections ‘free and fair’ and Biden proposed an expanded US package for Pakistan that would shift the focus from military to economic aid.

This establishes the fact that Joe Biden has more inclination towards Pakistan since the beginning, he ensured enough aid to Pakistan, which in turn used to buy weapons and fanning Terrorism in India, which ultimately hurt India.

It was Joe Biden who stopped India from acquiring Cryogenic Engines from Russia, which gave a massive setback to India’s space and technology ambitions. You can read this news here.

Now, its up to India Americans to decide, who should they vote. In our opinion, an Anti Indian should never be a US President.

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