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Islamists unleash havoc on Hindu Community in Leicester, UK


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The Hindu community in Leicester, UK, is just now emerging from the wrath of well-coordinated, angry Islamist gangs trying to reclaim the moral high ground and demonstrate their control in the face of a catastrophically confusing police reaction.

It all started with a cricket match, but it quickly escalated into a whirlwind of communal discord, Islamist thuggery, and feeble police response, leaving a major British city in communal ruins, a city that will no longer be seen as a thriving metropolis of multiculturalism, but rather as just another urban wasteland in which radical Islamists can dictate the rule of law, oppress kaffirs, and assert dominance while the police officers take no action.

Islamist radicals

In an email, police erroneously claimed that a tiny group of individuals had called for the murders of Muslims and Pakistan, implying that the shouts may very possibly be the product of the Indian Hindu diaspora. This paved the path for Islamist misrule. A muddled attempt to clarify that this was incorrect was irrelevant, as it paved the way for a nauseatingly predictable set of scenes that western audiences are unfortunately now used to seeing: infuriated Islamists insisting on telling everyone around them how insulted they were and that no one could stand in their way while they vented their anger. Rather than the Judeo-Christian population of France or the United States bearing the brunt of the fallout, as is usually the case, this time it was the peaceful Hindu community in Great Britain.

Attacks on Hindus

Horrors ensued as Hindus were attacked in their cars while parked in their driveways and Hindu families stayed home as Islamist extremists roamed the streets instigating violence and vandalizing property, throwing eggs at religious idols during an important Hindu holiday. Police were at a loss for how to stop the Islamists from rioting (where have we seen that before? ), so they triggered dispersal powers, and the Islamists focused their wrath on the peaceful Hindu organizations that had decided to take a stance and utilize the power of civil protest to voice their dismay.

Not heeding their appeals for calm, the Islamists threw bottles at demonstrators and even burned a Hindu saffron flag (inscribed with the sacred ‘Om’ emblem) atop a temple while police watched on. Arrests have been made, but the storyline has altered to one crafted by Islamist cadres, according to which the Hindus are right-wing zealots uttering war cries and the peaceful Muslims just had to attack groups of vast numbers to defend each other. 

Western echo chambers and ecosystems have bolstered this narrative, arguing that certain Hindus are part of a South Asian alt-right and agree with the policies of Narendra Modi, who they conclude is a prototypical fascist because of his affinity with Donald Trump. They give this movement the name “Hindutva” without investigating its origins or meaning. Surprisingly, it has never been defined, other than as a political conviction in protecting the Hindu faith. The views of Islamists on what may be called a Hindu version of Zionism are well known.

Radicals spreading Hinduphobia

Ironically, the Islamists compare the peaceful Hindu protesters’ chants of “Jai Shri Ram” to Nazi salutes and fascist sloganeering, despite the fact that all the chant does is name a deity who is revered by many Hindus and Indians around the world and whose idol can be found in virtually every Hindu temple ever constructed. The fact that western echo chambers and Islamists themselves do not criticize or ridicule the screams of “Allahu Akbar” that precede terror acts and moments of unremitting violence is always telling.

What we’ve seen in Leicester, and other places where Islamist groups can quickly assemble through social media enclaves is a mobilization of personnel to unleash terror without any fear of legal repercussions from western powerbrokers who would rather avoid being labeled racist or Islamophobic than keep other British citizens safe.

The Hindu community is one of the most peaceful, socially conservative, law-abiding, well-integrated, and well-assimilated in the United Kingdom; the fact that the British people in this case were not white makes their quiet guardianship of these disturbances a special insult to them.

The Hindu Om flag was desecrated by violent Islamists in front of the Police. No action has been taken by the police. 

A bogus complaint that a mosque had been attacked by Hindus was quickly disproved by Leicestershire police, and a false allegation that a Hindu man had tried to kidnap a Muslim girl in the city was similarly put to good use in the fight against the kaffir. Western media picked up the truths being propagated by Islamist rent-a-journalists, focusing on one or two random Hindus and editing the footage to make them appear both incoherent and out of step with the rest of the peaceful protestors, while Islamists indulged in rabid misinformation painting the Hindu community as the perpetrator rather than the victim it was.

The weapon of victimhood by Islamists

After that, the Islamists pulled out another narrative weapon they’ve been using all along: victimhood. As the violence unfolded, Islamists went to social media and gathered their stooges from left-leaning media outlets to prove they were the true victims, forced to resort to desperate measures in defence against Hindu extremists. Like the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) apparent policy of constantly going after Islamists in Israel, only that this isn’t Palestine but rather Leicester.

The only thing more demeaning to Islamists than a kaffir in their ranks is a bunch of kaffirs daring to stand up for their rights, especially if they do it peacefully. Unfortunately, the events in Leicester have proven that the madrassas and mosques in Pakistan and the Muslim world place their religious identity and patronage above paganistic idol worshippers, which is what Islamists see Hindus as having imported these age-old complaints. A combination of demographic developments and the explosion in the number of mosques over the past half-century has made the Muslim bloc vote a very significant factor in British politics.

The scream of “Islamophobe” evokes images of totalitarian authority, and its use in the media, academia and national political paradigms have all contributed to this power shift. A city like Leicester is “easy meat” for Islamists who want to impose their worldview and express contempt for people who are different from them. This was evident in the UK’s grooming gang scandals, in which young, primarily white, working-class females were initially enslaved and abused by their Islamist rapists before being abandoned by the authorities for fear of offending the gangs.

Inaction by Police

To Islamists, the only thing more offensive than a kaffir in their midst is a bunch of them daring to stand up for their rights, especially if they do it peacefully. Islamists have long held a dislike and outright contempt for Hindus, and Leicester has demonstrated that these age-old grievances have been imported from the madrassas and mosques of Pakistan and the Muslim world, which elevate their religious identity and patronage above paganistic idol worshippers, which Hindus are to them. It is not surprising that this is happening, given that the number of mosques in the UK has increased over the last fifty years, combined with demographic developments that have assured the Muslim bloc vote is an enormously potent one in British politics.

Meanwhile, Hindus in Leicester feel helpless, unprotected, and threatened. It is generally agreed upon that if Muslims had been attacked or had their mosque destroyed, the scenes would have made headlines throughout the world and drawn anger; nevertheless, when it is Hindus who are attacked or had a Temple vandalized, the rest is quiet. After Leicester, now Radicals are targeting the Hindu community in Birmingham, UK. They chanted their religious slogan & tried to barge into the Hindu temple.

By Saurav Dutt


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