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Is Subramanian Swami one man army on mission or a simple opportunist, who changes his allegiance if his self interest is not served?


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Even if being BJP Rajya Sabha MP,  the loose cannon, Subramanian Swami is not only nightmare for Congress and other opposition parties, but he is equally lethal for his own party, BJP. 

He is articulate, knowledgeable, and insightful. He is so sharp that he can separate wheat from chaff and dig out skeletons in no time. He is dominating and hard nut to crack for a journalist. 

Even at the age of 81, the robust and vigorous Subramaniam Swami is one man army, who earned many feathers in his cap. It is Swami, who exposed ₹ 30,000 crore 2G spectrum allocation scam in 2010, even if all 19 accused including former telecom minister A Raja, DMK leader Kanimozhi were acquitted by CBI court in 2017. It is Swami, who played crucial role to send AIADMK supremo and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa to send behind bar for accumulating ₹66 crore wealth disproportionate to known sources of her income during her first term as Chief Minister in 1991 to 1996. 

Congress president Sonia Gandhi, party leaders Rahul Gandhi, Motilal Vora, Oscar Fernandes, journalist Suman Dubey and technocrat Sam Pitroda are accused and out on bail in the multi-crore National Herald scam. It is Swami, who filed complaint in a court in Delhi against both Sonia, Rahul Gandhi and others for allegedly committing fraud and land grabbing worth ₹16 billion in National Herald corruption case.

But, the unguided missile Subramaniam Swami, PhD in economics from Harvard University, parallelly attacks his own party and Prime Minister with the same gusto under the garb of being fearless, who doesn’t toe party line. 

The latest salvo Swami fired at his own party, BJP was when he tweeted: Does anyone know how Tatas were selected for building the new Parliament complex? Was it by bids or like in 2G Spectrum scandal on first come first served basis? Swami openly suggested Parliament Complex scam in the nature of multi crore 2G spectrum allocation scam under the UPA coalition government. 

Here his intention is highly questionable. What does it take for a man of his caliber to find out bidding process of how Tatas were awarded the contract for New Parliament Complex? It is in public domain that Tatas were one of seven companies, which had submitted their bids. Being a BJP MP, he could have accessed the knowledge about bidding, instead of defaming the government on Social Media. 

Scoring self goal, prior to 2019 Lok Sabha Election Subramanian Swami said in March 2019, “Finance Minister Arun Jaitley doesn’t know ABC of economic.” Swami further insisted even Prime Minister that Modi had no knowledge of economics. Was it a deliberate move to hurt and harm BJP just before General Election 2019? 

It is common knowledge that Swami didn’t hesitate to spew venom on late PM A B Vajpayee calling him drunkard in Tamil weekly Kumudham in 1997. He even went to raise doubt, if Vajpayee was a mole during the Quit India movement in pre independence era. Who can forget it was Swami, who engineered the fall of the first Vajpayee led NDA government, which lasted just 13 days in 1998.

In 1990s, when RSS and BJP were extensively campaigning for construction of Ram Temple, Subramanian Swami accused RSS of working on line of ISI, Pakistan Intelligence agency, to divide Hindus and Muslims on religious line. In 2000, when Vajpayee was PM, Swami called Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh fascist and imperialist. 

A question arises about the integrity of Subramaniam Swami. Does he have any ideology or policy in his character? On June 14, 1996, Mr. Swamy filed a complaint against J Jayalalithaa. But on 17 April 1999, Swami hosted famous Tea Party for AIADMK leader J Jayalalithaa and then Congress leader Sonia Gandhi to join hands with each other with intention to defeat Vajpayee government. Vajpayee government did lose parliament trust vote by a single vote (269-270) on 17 April 1999. Swami defeated Vajpayee government because later didn’t pay heed by Jayalalitha to make Swamy the finance minister. The other member of famous Tea Party, Sonia Gandhi also became next target of Subramanian Swami. 

Same pattern is being followed after 2014, when NDA led by Narendra Modi came to power. When he sensed no prospect of becoming Finance Minister, he was expecting, he started attacking NDA bitterly. 

Those, who endorse Subramanian Swami’s campaign against anyone or everyone, call him one man army on mission. Is Swami a one man army on mission or a simple opportunist, who turns his allegiance according to his self interest and uses his craft to aim his next target? 


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