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Is Shiv Sena controlled BMC serious in dealing with CORONA or Kangana?


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If Maharashtra were a country, it would rank the 5th worst Covid affected country in the world, as it tops the coronavirus chart in the country and remains the worst-hit state with cases reaching up to more than 9 lacs cases and more than 27 thousand casualties so far. What is worst Mumbai alone has emerged as epicentre of Covid-19 crossing 1.5 lacs cases.

Q. So how is Shiv Sens controlled Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) dealing with spiralling cases of Corona in Mumbai, as Corona patients are struggling to find beds in hospitals?
Ans. BMC is containing Corona by raiding Kangana Ranaut’s office.

Forget about dilapidated government schools, Mumbai roads are full of potholes, which have been responsible for many innocents deaths every year. There are pathetic drainage system due to which Mumbai gets flooded every year.

Q. What is BMC doing?
Ans. Instead of measuring potholes on roads and inspecting poor drainage system in Mumbai, BMC demolished Kangana Ranaut’s office.

At present, lockdown has been eased. However, Mumbai Local trains have not been resumed. Schools, Cinema halls, Swimming pools, Gyms, Malls etc are still closed.

Q. How is BMC implementing social distancing among common citizens?
Ans. BMC is implementing social distancing and other COVID-19 lockdown norms by allowing Shiv Sena workers to gather at Mumbai airport to raise slogans against Kangana Ranaut after she landed?

Mumbai has more than 55,000 illegal buildings. As TOI quotes—according to data, between 2008 and 2013, the civic body detected 56,266 illegal structures. Of these, demolition was initiated against more than 45,000 structures. For the other structures, legal battles are still going on, the civic body said in an affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court. Several mosques and illegal immigrants like Rohingyas and Bangladeshis residential area are illegal.

Q. Why is BMC taking ages to bulldoze those more than 55,000 illegal buildings in Mumbai?
Ans. BMC suddenly declared Kangana’s office illegal in last 24 hours, they have destroyed everything inside the office including furniture and lights.

Though Sara Sahara Market in South Mumbai had been demolished in the past, but it is fully operational. Unauthorised shops continue to operate in Sara-Sahara Mall owned by underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, but the BMC always turned a blind eye to these illegalities.

Q. Why did BMC turn blind eye to Dawood’s illegal properties, but took no time to destroy everything inside her home?

The question remains unanswered.


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