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Irfan had stored explosives inside the house, and one night a large explosion happened due to a short circuit.


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The news of the explosion has now come from Sonipat in Haryana, following Kochi in Kerala and Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. Irfan owns the home where the explosion occurred. The explosion was audible from a great distance. There are no reported casualties. The matter is being looked upon the police. On the evening of October 29, 2023, the incident is being reported.

As per Ravindra Kumar, the Incharge of Civil Line Police Station, “The explosion happened at the residence of a man named (Irfan) in the Sonipat district’s Shanti Vihar area. The explosion occurred in the residence because there was explosive material stored there, sulphur mixed with potash.

Following an explosion at a home in the Sonipat, Haryana, neighborhood of Shanti Vihar, awareness grew. His possessions were reduced to ashes following the explosion at the home. The police were informed about the explosion that occurred inside the house. The cops arrived at the scene as soon as they learned about the explosion inside the house. Along with the police, there was also a bomb disposal crew present. The cops are currently looking into this. It is said that Irfan is the owner of this house.

The in-charge of the police station stated that it exploded and caught fire because of a short circuit. He is the subject of a registered case. His arrest is imminent. The incident site has been assessed by the explosive disposal team and FSL. Let us inform you that a man by the name of Irfan maintained a significant amount of sulfur combined with potash at a residence in Shanti Vihar. Everything caught fire after a sudden explosion late at night. That nobody was home when this tragedy occurred was a fortunate development, nevertheless.


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