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India witnessed the most productive Parliament session, but Rahul Gandhi continues his suspicious disappearance and becomes a Twitter Troll


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India has witnessed one of the most productive Monsoon sessions in India’s parliament history. It has been the most productive session in the last 2 decades due to the number of bills passed and other parliamentary work conducted.

Twenty-five Bills were passed in 10 sittings, 15 of which were passed in Rajya Sabha on the last two days of the session. Seven of these key bills were passed in Rajya Sabha on the last day in around four hours.

Lok Sabha scheduled to work for four hours every day for 18 days, a total of 72 hours in a session. (Date Source: prsindia.org). However, it worked for 58 hours, and if we talk about productivity, then it stands at 167%, up by 4 percent from 1967’s record 163%.

Graph source – CNBC

Rajya Sabha was scheduled to work for four hours every day for 18 days, a total of 72 hours in a session. However, it worked for 39.5 hours, and its productivity stands at 99%, also the monsoon session was the second shortest monsoon session since 1952.

Picture Credit – CNBC

However, the article is not only about the performance of Parliament, it is about the person, who considers himself as the biggest Opposition leader an wannabe Prime Minister of India, that is Rahul Gandhi.

While Rahul Gandhi has a habit of attacking the government over Twitter. He act like a Twitter troll wo paddle lies and spread nefarious propaganda, however he is nowhere to be seen in Parliament. Right before the Parliament session, he took leave from Lok Sabha in a letter written to the Speaker to travel abroad for a routine check-up of his mother Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi has had to postpone her annual check-up at a US hospital for an undisclosed illness. She is usually accompanied by one of her children and this time, Rahul Gandhi has chosen to accompany her.

The seriousness of Rahul Gandhi could be gauged from a fact, being a member of the parliamentary standing committee on defense, Rahul Gandhi has skipped all 11 meetings of standing committee on defense since September.

And this is not the first such instance, in 2019 when Rahul Gandhi was an MP from Amethi constituency, he record-low attendance of 52 percent, much less than the national average of 80 percent. He never participates in any important debate, he never introduced any bill. He even shies away from criticizing his Party MP’s for their misconduct in the parliament.

The Congress has been in power for a much longer duration than us but the way in which their conduct has been going shows they have lost their balance. but it looks like Congress is pretty non-serious.

Even some of the party members are not happy with the repeated disappearance of Rahul Gandhi at critical junctures. They feel with the Question Hour being suspended and elections in Bihar and Bengal coming up, and it is extremely important for an opposition leader to be present physically.

Rahul Gandhi, who considers himself one of the most aggressive voices to attack the government on coronavirus, economy, and China but many of his colleagues feel that now was the time for him to be present in Parliament to take on the government, but he is again disappeared.

Rahul Gandhi has often been accused of not being around when needed the most; whether it was during the anti-CAA protests or Delhi riots. In fact, even though he has been aggressive on the China issue, he has skipped 11 meeting of the parliamentary committee on defence. He attended it for the first time this week to raise the issue of the food habits of jawans.

While Congressi supporters of Rahul Gandhi maintain that he does not have to be around to take up issues and a personal reason for absence should not be made a political issue. However, the fact remains that Rahul Gandhi’s absence puts his party on the back foot while it leaves the BJP smiling and helps reinforce their labeling him as a tourist politician.


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