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India is so secular that a business tycoon Gul Kriplani wants Jesus to be Lord of India with 90% believers of population


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There are pastors like Dr. P. Satish Kumar (founder of church called “Calvary Temple” at Hyderabad), who converts innocents with claims that he can speak to God. There are highly ranked bureaucrats like D. P. Haokip, Chief Income Tax Commissioner of IRS, who blatantly misuses his office to convert naive ones. And, there are business tycoon like Gul Kripalani, who openly announce “there is no other God than Jesus, who wants Lord (Jesus) to be Lord of India. Kriplani admitted this in his testimony of how he came to know of Jesus in a video clip shared by Mission Kali. 19 minutes video clip under the tag of testimony of Dr. Gul Kriplani is available in public domain. 

Meet 76 year old Gul Kriplani—a persecuted Sindhi from Pakistan, who came to India to seek asylum during partition—grew to become seafood tycoon, and vice-president of the Seafood Exporters Association of India, also the President of the Rotary Club of Mumbai. Chairman and MD of Pijikay Group of Companies, Gul Kriplani doesn’t spread Christianity like a pastor by donning a robe. But, his method of spreading Christianity in India is almost identical. Forced conversions in India and then there is a subtle way of converting innocent Hindus.

Conversion starts with a typical sob story 

  • An evangelist—be it pastor, bureaucrats or business tycoon starts with a sob story of his life.
  • Thereafter, he happens to meet a preacher or missionary, who is always available roaming on streets 
  • The preacher introduces him to God. 
  • Next, God start solving all his hardships. 

Gul Kriplani, too started addressing the seminar with his early life story. Quite expectedly, a sob story, in which poor boy, Gul Kriplani was miserable to see his rich and privileged friends. He was going through all his hardships when, as usual, met a preacher who introduced him to Jesus. Next, Gul Kriplani discovered himself, when he had visited a Church. 

After God entered into Gul Kriplani’s life, everything fell into place, as he preaches. It was not his talents and marketing strategies that he thought were behind the success of his business, but it was Jesus Christ who filled his nets with fishes,”Gul Kriplani told Pallavi Bhattacharya in an interview under the headline of “Christian businessmen must talk about Jesus,” as the headline suggests how Gul Kriplani is trying to spread Christianity. 

Now, Gul Kriplani is stinking reach and powerful. How does he prevail upon unassuming people in order to convert them? He takes his 40 to 50 friends—from other faiths as he mentions—to Israel to introduce them to Jesus. He takes the entourage of his 40 to 50 friends to where Jesus was born, to where he was crucified, to where his body was laid to rest, he admitted this in the video clip. Also, he makes open invitation to people to join in his next trip to Israel. Who can afford to bear such huge expenses of 40-50 people touring to Israel? Only Gul Kriplani can bear such huge expenditure. One can imagine from where he is being funded. 

There are some fascinating terminology of good work like uplifting poor people and women empowerment, which are awe inspiring to push the agenda of conversion. Kriplani family has been associated with Habitat for Humanity since 2004. Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian organization. Here, ecumenical means representing a number of different Christian Churches.

Can a human claim to raise a man from dead? American evangelist and faith-healer Benny Hinn, once in Africa, claimed to have raised a man from the dead. Gul Kriplani is the man, who spearheaded the year-long preparations of mega event “Praying For India” of Benny Hinn, who had come to Mumbai in February 2004. 

3,00,000 leaflets—which targeted Hindus as followers of idol worship, prostitution, black magic etc and advised to accept Jesus as the only God—had been distributed in Bangalore in the month of January 2004 before Benny Hinn’s Program “Pray for India and Festival of Blessing.” When reporters questioned Gul Kriplani, he said he had no idea. But, his colleague, Paul Thangaiah admitted the pamphlet was not for public distribution, but for Church circulation and should have been distributed only to christians”. This is how an evangelist, Gul Kriplani,  in garb of a business tycoon pushes his agenda through his so called good work. 

When Gul Kriplani asserts that his purpose is to have 90% believers in this country and 10% yet to know, when he calls for Lord to become Lord of India, one wonders from where his self confidence is stemming. Above revelation is the tip of iceberg from Gul Kriplani’s agenda for conversion. A crypto Christian with Hindu name—which doesn’t raise eyebrows—is a perfect tool to penetrate the agenda of conversion. More than the system, it is Hindu society which must wake up to face the disturbing reality. 




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