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In Telangana, the IUML, which had chanted anti-Hindu slogans, fully supports the Congress.


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On 27th July this year, the Kerala police booked over 300 persons and arrested five youth wing members of the Indian Union Muslim League for raising anti-India and anti-Hindu slogans during a protest march against Manipur violence in Kasargode.

The Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) extending unconditional support to the Congress party in Telangana has raised eyebrows and generated controversy due to past allegations of raising divisive slogans. While the idea of political alliances and support is not uncommon in the world of Indian politics, the concerns surrounding IUML’s previous actions and statements need to be addressed to ensure a healthy and harmonious political environment in the state.

The Controversial Slogans

It is essential to address the allegations against the IUML regarding slogans that were perceived as threatening to the Hindu community. These allegations, if true, are deeply troubling and must be condemned by all parties. In a diverse and pluralistic country like India, fostering communal harmony and respecting the rights and sentiments of all communities should be paramount. It is crucial for any political party to disassociate itself from divisive rhetoric and promote an inclusive and secular agenda.

Supporting Congress in Telangana

IUML’s decision to extend unconditional support to the Congress party in Telangana highlights the complexities of coalition politics. While political parties often form alliances to consolidate their power and advance their interests, the optics of such alliances are significant. The Congress party, as a major national party, must carefully consider the potential impact of such associations on its image and credibility.

It is imperative for the Congress party to publicly address the concerns regarding IUML’s past actions and statements. To ensure a broader acceptance and support base, Congress should clarify its stance on divisive rhetoric and emphasize its commitment to secular and inclusive governance.

Championing Inclusive Politics

Political parties in India, particularly those with a nationwide presence, should strive to be champions of inclusive politics. In a diverse country like India, it is vital to respect and protect the rights and sentiments of all communities. Divisive rhetoric and actions can lead to communal tensions, mistrust, and disharmony, which ultimately undermine the country’s democratic values and progress.

It is incumbent upon all political parties to take a principled stand against divisive rhetoric and actions. Upholding the values of secularism, inclusivity, and communal harmony should be non-negotiable principles for any political alliance. IUML, like any other party, must be held accountable for its actions and statements.

The extension of unconditional support by IUML to the Congress party in Telangana raises concerns due to allegations of raising threatening slogans in the past. In the interest of fostering communal harmony and maintaining the secular fabric of the country, it is essential for political parties, especially those with a national presence, to uphold inclusive values. It is crucial for the Congress party to address these concerns and clarify its stance on divisive rhetoric to ensure that politics in Telangana and the entire nation is guided by the principles of inclusivity and harmony.


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