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In 3.6 years of Yogi govt, more than 3 lakh people got jobs, way more than the SP-BSP govt put together


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Uttar Pradesh was once known as ‘Bimaru Pradesh’, where The term BIMARU stands for an abbreviation for BiharMadhya PradeshRajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. However, the fate of Uttar Pradesh has been changed since Yogi Adityanath has assumed the office of Chief Minister. He is working tirelessly on multiple fronts, including Law and Order, Education, setting up Industries, generating jobs to name a few.

The Opposition targets Yogi Adityanath and blames him for not doing enough on the Job front, however the truth is exactly the opposite of what the opposition is questioning. The Yogi Adityanath government has been setting new benchmarks via its exemplary governance and tough decision-making in every field. You will be surprised if we tell you that in the last 3.6 years of rule, the Yogi government gave employment to over 3 lakh people. The data is enough to silence his critics, who often tear into government, claiming that its priorities are misplaced and lopsided.

Out of 3 lakh recruitments, the Yogi government has done maximum hiring in the police department. More than 1,35,000 people have joined the police department of the state. This will certainly make it more competent, more capable of tracking and nabbing criminals, something that previous regimes never paid heed to.

After the police, the elementary education department got a major focus on over 50,000 fresh recruitments. The health department also saw the recruitment of above 28,000 people, thereby showing the state govt’s priorities. If we add the ongoing recruitment of Police and Basic Education, then the total job count will be 379709.

Details of 3 lakh jobs given in 3.6 years of Yogi government.

Picture Credit – Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission

Yogi Government outperformed SP+BSP put together

If we compare the jobs given by Yogi Government with After its ascension to power, the Yogi government has not only shed the baggage of past governments but has worked overtime to set a new growth trajectory of the state. The Samajwadi Government (2012-2017) gave jobs to only 2.05 people in their entire 5 years of the regime. On the other hand, the BSP Government (2007-2012) gave jobs to only 91,000 people. Yogi government promoted 6566 Officers, whereas the SP Government promoted only 1588 Officers in their entire 5 years.

Yogi Government strengthen the recruitment process, it organized the recruitment drive at the given time, scheduled the exam and interviews appropriately. Yogi government started a program to discuss the recruitment related issues on every Wednesday, and sorted out the concerns of thousands of young people. It is indeed an achievement that jo job was stayed by Courts in last 3 years, which was a common sight during SP and BSP governments.

Uttar Pradesh, which was among one of the most lawless states in the country, apparently because of previous SP & BSP regimes, is today a much safer place than earlier.

Meanwhile, UP CM in a meeting with senior government officials on Friday, took stock of vacancies in government departments and directed senior officials to restart the recruitment drive in next 3 months. He also asked them to ensure that selected candidates are given appointment letters in 6 months time.


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