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“I am not OKAY…”


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Welcome to the 21st Century. 🌎

Here haters are free, and love costs. Here, to lose your phone is worse than losing your values. Where it’s fashionable to smoke and drink, and if you do not do that, you’re out of date. Where men mistaken women, and women, if they do not, are afraid they will be caught. Where the bathroom became a studio for pictures, and the Temple- the perfect place for check-in.

21st century, where women fear a burden more than caring babies. where the pizza delivery service arrives faster than the ambulance arrives. Where people fear terrorists and criminals more than God. Where clothes decide the value of a person, and having money is more important than having friends or even family. Where children are able to give up their parents for their virtual “love”. Where men want only relationships without obligations. Where love is a play. Here you survive only if you play with reason, and you are destroyed if you act with your heart.

Because of this ..I wish I can change myself, I wish I can change the way I look, I talk, I think, I eat, I behave or I LIVE. Life wasn’t fair enough to be with people surrounded by judgmental ideas. I want to cry, laugh, dance, dress, hang out, and want to LIVE.

Why it is so hard to open the mind rather than clothes. Getting people to hook up on a tinder or grinder is easy than finding people to sit beside and talk, holding someone’s hand, and clicking selfies are easy than getting someone shoulder to cry on.
I am not OKAY, I want people to talk, listen, and feel me. In school wearing the same uniform, really taught me to be the same as everyone, or does society accept equally the way we all are ?

We all are the same with the same red blood cells – really but the same mindset? I am not okay with someone’s eyes on me, calling mentally sick, loser, failure, or bullied kid. I am not okay with the fact that being bold, in school is cooler than being brave enough to score 90%.

I am not okay with the idea in the society, where a high earner is more loved than the one who cares for all. I am not okay that my color of the skin will define the position to be on the cover of a newspaper or magazine. I am not okay with the idea of my shyness or kindness defines my character. I am not okay with the fact of having photos with a girl define me I am in a relationship.

Talking about COVID pandemic is easy, staying in home quarantine is easy, making Dalgon coffee is cool but what about not feeling counted or value enough in someone’s life or at least in own family? Wearing a mask is safety but ask to shut someone’s mouth is safer.

I am not okay with being the idea of having thousands of followers or branded clothes but not having 10 friends with a simple idea of happiness.

I am not okay with the idea of pink is the color for the Girl and Blue is for Boy, In which book it is mentioned? I am not okay when boys are not allowed to perform kathak or cook food in the kitchen? I am not okay with the mentally that girls are not allowed to open their own clinic or business. I am not okay with the idea of getting married at an early age if you are not ready for it.

Rather than Change a life, I started Changing myself :

When you want to change, Be the change you want to see, It took time to understand this as holding a barrier of people’s thought are more impacted me than self-implementation.

I am okay to be a political activist than to hold a Biology degree. I am okay to be shy and handle a team of 15 people, I am okay to wear a Pink t-shirt and come to Vogue Magazine. I am okay to cook food for my sister and dance with my nephew on Ghommar song, I am okay with having lots of girls -friends to feel them secure enough at the club.

I am okay to be kind to people, who behave wired. I am okay to clean my own bed rather than watching Netflix with friends. I am okay to help people than the following celebrities in social accounts. I am okay to teach kids about following passion than sharing knowledge about Pornography. I am okay to be single than being in a bad relationship.

Rather than change someone I started changing myself and loving myself enough that other’s selfishness is not valid anymore. Being in my own skin is better than tanned by someone’s words.

Free advice is available free of cost everywhere but free support is not available anywhere. Sharing happiness is not available but sharing videos or photos are a sign of work ethics.

Being okay with oneself is totally Okay, saying NO to someone’s opinion is completely Okay. And living a life you dream about is completely Okay. Okay to someone write you K or OK.

“ARJUN, it is okay to fight for your own welfare – Shri Krishna “
Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18, Text 47

sreyan sva-dharmo vigunah
para-dharmat sv-anusthitat
svabhava-niyatam karma
kurvan napnoti kilbisam

It is OKAY to engage in one’s own occupation, even though one may perform it imperfectly than to accept another’s occupation and perform it perfectly. Duties prescribed according to one’s nature are never affected by sinful reactions. : Bhagavad Gita
Living a life you dream about is completely Okay. It’s okay to dance, sing a Justin Biber song, bake chocolate cookies, wear loose clothes, and spend time with old people.

The moment I started being Okay, I noticed a lot of people just like me, lost and isolated in the big world. I actually made new friends who loved me as I am.
Life is a word of 4 Characters same as Okay, do not let other sketches it for you, being own painter and make it with 2 color or a single color or multicolor is totally fine. We shouldn’t let others OK or K neglate our own OKAY.

I practice my art regularly, not for exhibiting it to the world but to mirror the artist within me. We must grow and improve to reach great heights, but reach out only for those goals that truly appeal to you. Life has insightful lessons to teach—learn them your way, at your own pace.

I am OKAY because others are not ok

. By Abhishek Buddhadev ..


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