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I am Indira Gandhi’s grand daughter. Don’t I have every right to enjoy resources of country?


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When a hard working and studious student in the college steals the limelight, how does an unimpressive and inefficient spoilt brat try to impress his peers? Realizing no trick to influence students is working, the spoilt brat tries to throw weight by asking, “Do you know my father is billionaire? How does an egoistic nephew of an MLA reacts when a traffic police catches him for violating traffic rules? Do you know I am nephew of MLA.

After umpteenth times of being launched and relaunched, Rahul Gandhi’s political career miserably failed to take off, Congress brought another dynast, Priyanka Vadra hoping she would inject good amount of oxygen into frail and fragile Congress. “Priyanka Vadra’s nose resembled her grandma’s” was distinguished feature of the campaign to evoke Indira Gandhi into indian psyche, when Mrs. Vadra officially joined Congress Party as General Secretary in charge of the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh in January 2019.

When hard working and studious Yogi Adityanath is stealing the limelight in politics by his sheer performances, a left out Priyanka Vadra reminded people of India once again that she is Indira Gandhi’s grand daughter.

Episode started when Congress general secretary, Priyanka Vadra, accused UP government of 57 girls tested positive for coronavirus at Kanpur shelter home, with two girls found pregnant, including one HIV positive with her Facebook post on 21 June, which was based on a media report. The state child rights panel of UP, which found Priyanka Facebook post misleading, issued a notice to her, asking her to file a reply within three days for her incorrect Facebook report.

What was Priyanka Vadra supposed to do after she was issued a notice? She must have verified her claim by exposing Kanpur Shelter home, if it was true. Instead of standing firm on her ground, Priyanka Vadra reminded people of UP, “I am Indira Gandhi’s Granddaughter.” What does it mean? Authority should listen to her accusation and follow her blindly? She should not be questioned? Why should late Indira Gandhi be brought into alleged malpractices of Kanpur shelter home? Why this sense of entitlement in the name of Gandhi? 

Swanky 35, Lodhi Estate bungalow which had been allotted to Priyanka Vadra in 1997

Similarly, Congressmen are making hue and cry after Ministry of House and Urban Affairs issued an order to Priyanka Vadra to vacate her house No. 35, Lodhi Estate bungalow in the Lutyens’ Zone within a month as the government had withdrawn her SPG cover. Priyanka Vadra is a private citizen, as she doesn’t hold any constitutional post unlike her mother and brother. Nevertheless, swanky bungalow of Lodhi Estate had been allotted to her in February 1997 for security reasons after she was brought under SPG cover.

Why is Congress Party fuming? After her SPG cover was withdrawn by the government in November 2019, allotment of the bungalow stand cancelled. It’s been more than six months, SPG cover was removed from Mrs. Vadra. She was expected to vacate the sprawling 2,765.18 sq mt bungalow, complete with a big garden much before she was served the notice to vacate. But then, entitlement of I am India Gandhi’s granddaughter overwhelms her.

India and Indians have changed. India’s aspirations society has crushed entitlement of the elite in 2014, when stalwarts of Congress were rejected by people of India. Smriti Irani? Who? This is how Priyanka Vadra had arrogantly replied about Smriti Irani, who snatched away her brother’s entitled seat of Amethi in 2019. But Priyanka Vadra, who drips sense of entitlement from every pore of her, is unwilling to see the writing on wall.

Dear Priyanka Vadra, invoking Gandhi doesn’t evoke emotion, but huge sense of disgust how you are covering Himalayan inefficiency and inability. India has twice voted to those who have risen to the very top from the very bottom, not because of their inheritance, but because of their sheer hard work with dedication. When would you read the writing on the wall?


  1. The nobility of modern India, corrupt and crooked Netas, and equally corrupt offsprings must remember the storming of the Bastille and subsequent guillotine. Time is up for these parasites.#

  2. Your family is misusing resources of my country from Nehru days. You all are not even using your actual surname. Tell us one good thing that you have done for the country.


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